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RBC Metal Parrot Nest Box for the Pro

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RBC Metal Pro Parrot Nest Box are designed and approved 
Royal Bird Company,
one of the most successful parrot 
breeding facilities in the USA. 

Royal Bird Company Avicultural Breeding Research Center is the worlds largest research and selective breeding Program for Yellow Naped Amazons. Our 35 year long research includes geo subspecies ID and separation for pairing, pair bonding long term,nest box design and pair selection, lighting impact on breeding, diets in captivity versus wild diets, selective pairing for size,color and talking ability,husbandry, advanced incubation and hand feeding techniques unique for yellow naped,and we have a very successful program focused on genetic mutations and much more. we have compiled one of the worlds largest if not the largest breeding database on this species with now over 50,000 entries of info and counting.

Metal Parrot breeder nest boxes
will last much longer and are light 
weight compared to the old wooden parrot nest box that
are too 
heavy and normally need replacement during the breeding 
interrupting the bird breeding cycle. 
Metal Nest Boxes can be cleaned and used for years, compared to
the wooden nest box that has to be thrown away after chewed and soiled.
Cannot clean wood. Wood harbors many pathogens which can cause many
problems for the adults and babies, as well the eggs.

Metal boxes are much more safe than the ABS plastic nest boxes 
offered for parrots. Parrots "chew" and Try to destroy their nest boxes, 
when these plastics are chewed they may be ingested.

Our RBC Metal breeder Parrot Nest Boxes are used by many zoos,
conservation groups,and many commercial bird and parrot breeders across the USA.
ALL our nest boxes designed to hangoutside cages, inspection door on back

Macaw,cockatoo,amazon,african grey,conure,eclectus,etc
All metal nest boxes are not created equal.
Many metal nest boxes offered today 
from sheet metal shops on the internet are made from
cheap imported thin China sheet metals used for duct work on heating systems, many of These nest box builders do not know anything about birds or their needs and do not know what may or may not be toxic to birds, We are owners of Royal Bird Company, one of the longest running breeding facilties in the USA over 30 years. We know what works and what does not not.

 ALL NEST BOXES SHADED, NEVER allow full sun to hit wood or metal boxes.

People ask us does metal  nest boxes get hot, Well, we have sold 1,000’s of boxes to FL,AZ,CA,TX and other southern USA breeders including we also use them on our own compound for 30 years, and we and they use some common sense, as we all know that metal is actually cooler in shade, just touch metal under shade its actually cool to the touch and wood holds in heat, KEEP ALL Nest Boxes Shaded, Never allow sun to shine on any nest box, Wood or Metal, that’s just ignorant, use common sense.

Each Metal Nest Box is hand constructed of  24 gauge USA Prime Galvalum metals.

NOTE: nest boxes are shipped in same order sequence as orders come in,
if there are other orders in front of your order, they ship first and may take several days or more as we manufacture and ship hundreds of boxes weekly, 

NOTE: NEST BOX orders can take 10 days to make it into production, so allow at LEAST 10 working days, 
Due to over whelming numbers of orders we receive for nest boxes production is ongoing, nest boxes are never in stock and ready to ship, 

RBC Pro Box designed for breeder success

***PLEASE NOTE: Some nest box orders have to be made and due to the number of orders we have may take several days to pack and ship.
Nest boxes are not items that are sitting ready to ship, we make many boxes as orders come in.

Please order correctly as BREEDER Type equipment such nest boxes cannot be returned because customer ordered wrong box...due to nature of the products and possible exposure to birds we do not allow the return. if you need help let us know..

Due to each breeders unique needs we cannot know everyones needs so it is up to the bird breeder how they will use the box and how they will attach the box, these boxes are designed to be hung outside the cage and the birds enter into the entry by holes aligned in cage into nestbox entrance. 
The breeder should have some experience in nest boxes and be able to take some responsibility on how to hang and use the boxes as these boxes are designed to the industry standard for the pro breeder. we supply as courtesy s hooks if needed for help in hanging .However we recommend bolting for secure.

Customer Service  1.704.735.8601

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NOTICE: There will be no more metal nest boxes fabricated. Our metal fabricator has stopped due to health problems.


Extra large metal nest box for hyacinth macaws and any large macaw that needs a larger than our regular macaw box.,
Price: $225.00
Free Shipping
Breeder Metal Nest Box for all Large Macaws-Blue/gold macaw, greenwing macaw,military macaw,etc.
Price: $195.00
Free Shipping
Small T Shaped Metal Nest Box for all small cockatoos, rose breast,goffin,small cockatoos
Price: $0.00
Medium T Shaped Metal Nest Box for All Medium Cockatoos, umbrella, medium sulphur,etc
Price: $185.00
Free Shipping
Large T Shaped Metal Nest Box for all Medium and Large Cockatoos.
Price: $199.00
Free Shipping
Metal Inverted L box for smaller conures,pionus,senegals, and like sized birds
Price: $75.00
Metal Invert L box for all amazons,greys.eclectus,large conure,small macaw,etc.
Price: $165.00
Boot shaped metal nest box that helps with preventing egg damage. For all amazons,greys,eclectus,etc.
Price: $165.00
Free Shipping
metal boot shaped nest box for all medium birds,senegals,ringnecks,caiques
Price: $75.00
Stubby METAL nest Box is great when you need a more compact and secure nest chamber in a boot design. for all african greys, amazon parrots and other birds same size.
Price: $90.00
Classic medium size Vertical nest box are great for all conures,rosellas,ringnecks,senegals,etc
Price: $55.00
Classic large Vertical Rectangle nest boxes are great for all amazons,greys,mini macaws,eclectus, alexandrines,ringnecks,rosellas,caiques,timneh greys,most all medium size birds.
Price: $79.00