Tropican Handfeeding Formula

Bird Handfeeding Formula


TROPICAN Handfeeding Formula for all parrot,macaw,cockatoo,african grey and amazon parrots also used for other species of birds
In air barrier co2 flushed bags
The most complete first food for baby birds - just add water
Uniform texture offers greater digestibility and water retention
High fat protein ratio promotes strong growth    
Also used for the finest DRY LORY DIET


Handfeeding diet, Nestling Food and Lory Mash for all birds 22 lb bulk-you get 2 x 11 lb bags
Price: $69.00
Handfeeding Formula and Breeder Mash for all parrots and birds. 11 lb bag
Price: $39.95
Handfeeding formula ,and breeder mash 4 lb bag
Price: $14.99