All birds and parrots need stimulation and the best way to do this is by offering 
your birds plenty of quality toys. Bird toys come in a wide array of sizes and materials, 
each one offering something different for each bird. 

Wood bird toys are useful in the natural
chewing instinct most birds and parrots have, this keeps them busy and minds stimulated. 
And yes the wood will get chewed up and destroyed, this is the point.
Other types of bird toys are foraging and puzzle toys, these types of toys offer the bird 
even more stimulation and can help in the prevention or treatments of feather mutilation.

Try to offer your birds plenty of toys but never over crowding the cage where the bird cannot
move, whats the use of the toys if the birds are in a small space and cannot move around, 
its pointless. Try rotaing toys by putting one toy in today and a different one evryother day or
try your own combinations.

Rope bird toys or toys that have rope components are very good but you must keep caution as
rope gets frazzled and can be a hazard, Keep them trimmed if needed.

All our bird toys are considered safe. Any colors are FDA approved and are veggie colors not chemicals.

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