Medium & Large Parrot Toys

Bird Toys for all medium and large birds.
Toys are essential for all birds health, mentally and physically.
Give your bird plenty of stimuli by rotating toys twice weekly.

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All natural bird shreder toy. for conure,quaker,amazons,african greys and other medium size birds
Price: $12.00
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Wiffle parrot toy, with wood blocks
Price: $24.95
Polly Wreath is one of the best stress rings we see, great for birds that are feather pickers and over excited,Birds can sit inside the ring and preen the strips of colorful non toxic cotton strips until their hearts desire, helps over preening
Price: $24.99
medium size toy hangs almost 12 inches, with wooden butterflys and wiffle ball enclosed, amazons,greys,large conures,meyers,etc
Price: $11.50
Wooden blocks,beads,balls,wheels,spools,pegs and leather strips for all conures,pionus, greys,amazons,etc
Price: $11.75
13 inches long on chain with 2 inch wooden blocks for all medium birds, african greys,amazons,conures,pionus,etc
Price: $10.00
Globe shaped sphere bird toy made from sisal, with colorful chain and a bell for all amazons,conures and grey sized birds
Price: $24.99
This bird toy is 14 inches long, has plastic wiffle ball, ropes and wood chews. Great for most all .This toy is good for amazons,greys,large conures, senegal parrot, myers parrot,
Price: $17.95
This wood toy looks like a gum ball machine. Great for all conures,amazons,greys,etc
Price: $14.95
18 inch long bird toy with a 7 inch wood cross tie with 7 cotton ropes with wood blocks,spools and beads. for all medium birds,african greys,amazons,senegals,myers,etc
Price: $15.95
This toy is great for birds that are feather pluckers. Preening Toy
Price: $19.99
Natural bamboo bird toy with 6 stringers at 27 inches long, for all big chewers, amazons,macaws,cockatoos,etc
Price: $39.95
Bamboo bird toy with wooden blocks and chain for all african greys,amazons,eclectus,and all medium birds.
Price: $29.95
This super large toy is a massive giant 4 inch diameter bamboo with 7 stringers of large blocks for chewing, macaws,cockatoos,large amazons
Price: $49.95