RBC Metal Macaw Nest Box

Breeder Metal Nest Box for all Large Macaws-Blue/gold macaw, greenwing macaw,military macaw,etc.
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NOTICE: There will be no more metal nest boxes fabricated. Our metal fabricator has stopped due to health problems.

RBC Pro Metal Macaw Nest Boxes for most all large macaws.



Each persons circumstances and needs are different and we cannot anticipate every persons needs, we can only supply these nest boxes as a part of the breeders needs, it is up to the breeder to attach and make sure it is safe and secure, some breeders needs may require them to use different hanging methods and materials.

Our boxes are designed for outside cage hanging, there must be a access nest box hole in your cages to use these boxes. It is up to the breeder to have some type of knowledge to attach and secure the boxes. WE ONLY MAKE THE BOX, we do not attach the box as there are many ways to attach and secure the box, we only supply a few S hooks to help with the hanging, you may have to use other methods to make it work for your cage and circumstances. 

These macaw boxes are for most all like sized macaws and birds such as blue throated(caninde), blue/gold, military, greenwing, and other large birds, Here at Royal Bird Company, we also use this size for hyacinth, however many use the extra large macaw box. It is the breeders judgement on what size to use for your circumstance.

SHIPS OVERSIZE #1 AT $75.00 flat rate

Breeder boxes are not returnable due to possible exposure to birds, Make sure you know what you are ordering. NO

All metal nest boxes are NOT created equal. 

Many metal nest boxes on the market are made from dangerously high content zinc, mainly the cheaper sheet metals used for heat duct works. While most all metal nest box manufactures  use these cheap chinese metals

Our boxes are made for us only and are made ONLY from USA materials.

Our metal boxes are made with our own design teams that have over 25 years experience in breeding exotics. 

Box Designs are tested by ROYAL BIRD COMPANY, one of USA top facilities and professional Aviculturist for over 30 years.

We know how to design boxes for certain species and we know what works and what does not. 

Our boxes are manufactured by hand and incorporate every safety feature for nest boxes. 

Our boxes are manufactured from USA graded sheet metal that is an alloy called galvalum, which has the lowest possible heavy metals when compared to the other boxes on the market. all usa steel Professional Breeder Boxes. 

Each Nest Box is constructed of  24 gauge USA Prime Galvalum metals.

Shipped completely assembled, ready for use. 
Just add your nesting materials, attach securely and ready to go.

We recommend ASPEN shavings!
Aspen is non toxic and has no aromatic oils Like pine, or cedar.
Royal Bird Company Avicultural Breeeding Research Center has done years of extensive research on nesting materials and have concluded that many socalled infertile eggs in nest with cedar or pine bedding, the bedding was the cause of early death of the germ.

The macaw box is 32 inches long
20 inches from top to bottom
Front entry hole 6x6 
nesting chamber: 32 x 20 x 15 

Holes are drilled along the top lip for use with S hooks are the breeeder can use small bolts or whatever they may need, we supply few S hooks.

***NOTE*** We do not put ladders in macaw boxes, no logical reason to ever ladders in macaw boxes , macaws can actually look out the entry hole and a ladder is too dangerous as macaws are destructive and this is not needed inside these boxes.

Breeders must use their own judgement on what type and size box they need.
Due to possible exposure to unknown birds, Breeding equipment is non returnable due to breeder ordered wrong size box. make sure you know what you are ordering.
You must have the knowledge to be able to determine what you need for your birds, we only list the types of birds and boxes that most people order for. Its up to you to know what you will be using them for. We are not responsible for what size you need.
If you need help or info just ask, email

The egg/baby look access slide door is on back. 

These boxes designed to hang outside the cage with hanging s hooks.
Or can be bolted to outside cage(HIGHLY recommended). 

Metal boxes are more sanitary easy to clean than old wooden chewed boxes that have to be replaced most of the time right when the birds start nesting, actually delaying or stopping nesting activity. 

Metal nest boxes are light weight compared to wood boxes of the same size and designs. 

These macaw boxes are for blue/gold, military, greenwing, and other large birds


, Shipping charges normally $42.20.- $45  each. When ordering 2 or more the shipping goes down on each box when ordering online.

Pictures show
left to right--right to left---center--(AS LOOKING AT THE FRONT OF THE BOX)



left to right entry                                        right to left entry                                     center entry



Nest Boxes are NOT FREE SHIP

***PLEASE NOTE: Some nest box orders have to be made and due to the number of orders we have at any time your order may take several days to pack and ship. Most ordered nest boxes are not items that are sitting ready to ship, we make many boxes as orders come in. So allow several days for processing and packing/shipping. First in first out is how our orders are processed. 10 days is the normal

People ask us does metal  nest boxes get hot, Well, we have sold 1,000’s of boxes to FL,AZ,CA,TX and other southern USA breeders where temps reach 100  including we also use them on our own compound for 30 years, and we and they use some common sense, as we all know that metal is actually cooler in shade, just touch metal under shade its actually cool to the touch and wood holds in heat, KEEP ALL Nest Boxes Shaded, Never allow sun to shine on any nest box, Wood or Metal, that’s just ignorant, use common sense.


The macaw box is 32 inches across 20 inches from top to bottom Front entry hole 6x6 nesting chamber: 32 x 20 x 15 The egg/baby look access slide door is on back.

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