Bird Shower Perch

Bird Shower Perch
The Sandy Perch Shower Fun is a 
great way for your parrot to play in the water! 
Our perfected Sandy Perch grip surface will 
not allow your parrot to slip in the shower as
 many other types might when wet.  It also 
swivels for more mounting 

Available in beautiful colors and three sizes! 

small     medium       large
1/2"          3/4"                 1" 

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Adjustable Bird Shower Perch for all cockatiels,conures,small parrots.
Price: $19.99
Shower perch for all medium birds,Amazons,african grey,sm.cockatoos,eclectus,sm macaws
Price: $22.99
Shower perch for help when you have your bird in the shower.Cockatoos,Macaws,large amazons
Price: $27.99