Bird Vitamins-Minerals

Bird Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

Bird vitamin and minerals are important for any bird and parrots  health and well being.
Many parrot and birds suffer from malnutrition due to the wrong diet fed by their 
owners, one way to combat this is to add a supplement to your birds diet.
We do not recommend adding vitamins to any bird water as vitamins can cause 
water to become teaming with bacteria in a very short time.
Try to add vitamin and mineral supplement  to a fresh cut apple,
or sprinkle over veggies or any soft foods.
One thing we do at the breeding farm is using
whole wheat bread we smear a thin thin sticky layer of pure peanut or almond butter onto one slice
and then dust the vitamin or mineral onto the bread and then fold over and smash very well.
We also steam sweet potato and then mash and spread onto whole wheat bread and sprinkle the clay cal on that.

This is given in pieces to each breeding pair or single about 2 times weekly.
We use the clay cal more often for all our greys.
this allows you to add different things to the birds daily food regime. They love it.


Prime is total Full Spectrum Vitamin and mineral supplement for all birds.
Price: $9.99
Full Spectrum Prime bird vitamin mineral supplement for all birds. great for birds needing extra calcium. helps to stimulate breeding in breeders. Good for handfeeding babies.
Price: $35.99
Prime is a Full Spectrum Vitamin/Mineral and Limiting Amino Acid Supplement
Price: $0.00
On Sale: $0.00
Calcium mineral supplement for all birds, especially for egg laying females and african grey parrots that need extra calcium naturally
Price: $24.95