Sandy Conditioning Perch

Sandy Conditioning Bird Perches

The Sandy Perch bird perch is 
made with naturally shaped, 
variable diameter manzanita branches.  
The Sandy Perch Bird Perch provides 
healthy foot exercise while keeping your
 birds nails in good shape. 

This innovative bird perch is a nail 
conditioning bird perch that your
parrot will actually use! 

Sandy Perch can help keep birds nails 
and beaks trimmed and conditioned natuarlly


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Adjustable Bird Shower Perch for all cockatiels,conures,small parrots.
Price: $19.99
Shower perch for all medium birds,Amazons,african grey,sm.cockatoos,eclectus,sm macaws
Price: $22.99
Shower perch for help when you have your bird in the shower.Cockatoos,Macaws,large amazons
Price: $27.99
Price: $9.99
Price: $0.00
mdeium bird conditioning perches for the toe nails and beaks, trims naturally
Price: $14.99
Large Sandy Perch is Perfect for Lg Amazons,Macaws,Toos
Price: $15.99
Great for all large cockatoos and macaws
Price: $18.99
Small acrylic arch swing with conditioning perch for nails.Cockatiels,Lovebirds,Sm Conures and like size birds
Price: $12.50
Acrylic swing with conditioning perch-Conures,Ringnecks,Senegals,Myers,Pionus,Lories, and like size birds
Price: $13.99
Price: $22.95
Acrylic swing with conditioning perch-Perfect for macaws,cockatoos,etc and like size birds
Price: $0.00
Medium curved corner conditioning perch Helps utilize the space of the corner of the cage, for amazons,greys,small macaws and cockatoos
Price: $17.00