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Stainless Steel Bird Cages-Customer testimonials

Below are some emails from customers that have purchased our stainless steel bird cages.
E-mails From Customers

dec 2016

Hello hello ms sheila

Just to drop you a line, we received the 3624 stainless featherland, and I
 MUST SAY that this so  much different than the one i purchased from a online mass seller where i get my dog foods,
The cage i was shipped from FS was a absolute mess, It is not the same quality i got from ya guys, How can there be so much difference???
well i now see what i got from you was the real thing, i do think what we got from the other guy just had to be some sort of counterfeit cage, i mean the difference is so much.
and also when i called the factory about some problems i had when i got it, they would not talk to me and never heard of who i purchased the cage from online.
But when i called the featherlandbirdcages. com. they told me from the start BUY
 FROM GETBITDSTUFF.COM and you will get what you pay for, and i am so glad i found ya. so after the start of 2017 i need a big one for my cockatoos, i think maybe 4832, i will call you soon.
thanks again, and by the way, i donated th other socalled featherland cage to the humane society local.

bye bye from new orleans.LA
carol G and birdies

Nov 12 2014

Hi Again Sheila and Mike

Wow wow wow thats all i can say about the last cages I just received last week. I got 1 3624 cottage, 2 3021 stainless featherland from you,What a difference in quality from what i bought from a large online resller, I mean really, the others was the same looking cage online on their website, but they WERE NOT the same cages i got from you people, I mean look , You actually took the cages out of the boxes, assembled them, checked everything, gave a report of what you fixed and then repacked and then shipped, I also see that the cages are actaully a little stronger, the others i have right here looking at are smaller bar size, and things just would not go tohgether on the others, But thses i just got , Took me around 1 hour ALL 3 are up and ready. No problems, everything was there and went together, I had almost gace up on featherland cages i thought that they was alike, I WAS WRONG. You guys rock. If i am spending 1000-1500 for a cage at least i want it to be right. Thanks again.
Love from our birds
Josh Timmor
Miami, FL


Dec 20 2014

Hello there

First time of writing a good review of anyhting i bought for my birds online.
basically, everything I got from getbirdstuff Royal Bird Company was on target, the cage was great and easy to assemble, I had just purchased a cage from BirdCage***less, broken parts, no help from the company, they told me to call some factory that never picked up the phone, I finally had to take it to awelder shop. Oh my goodness, it was stressful to say the least, but here we arelooking at this wondeful cage i just got and assembled myself, no problem here, I so appreciate the extra time to check everything in the box before shipping that is absolutely PRICELESS to say the least, I actaully got an email telling me every step of the process as you packed and made it ready for shipping. What service, I could have bought it for a$100 cheaper out of a catalog but i had already bad a exppereince there, so no way i was going to try that place again, anyway, thsnks for the free feeders for my featherland cage and the free samples.

Say hi to Mike The packer
his name was all in the box with instructions for helpful assemble.

thanks bunches
Barbara M.


JAn 5 2015
to the packers and shippers.

It was apleasure to see inside the boxes a sheet with a instructions that actually helped, the extras are helpful as well. thanks for that. Also just like to point out to anyone that is buying cages or anything online, becareful, actually what you are getting , so many times we have gotten the wrong stuff, problems and then once what we got was not what we ordered, We like the fact that these people getbirdstuff take extra chore of assembling the featherland cage and then checking it and then reassembling and making sure that i will be satisfied , WHO DOES THAT????. and i must say i do not think the cage quality you sent me is the same featherland i purchased a little yesr ago from somewhere else, it had a different name Mission Series, that cage was not the same as you sold me, it had some problems that cannot be fixed and the seller did not try to help me enough, i have to live with it, this cage is seems to be different, everything works on this model from you, anyway thank you again, i am a customer for life, our bird loves it by the way, and loves the free exterior feeders

Marisa Black
The Bird lady
Houston, TX

older emails

Oct 10-2014

I take this time to thank you for your quick service, we also thank you for the recommendation of the large stainless steel cage we ordered, the 4832 stainless steel featherland cage, we have received it and we LOVE it, I must say the manufacture should give you guys there a kudos, you know your products and know what people need. we again thank you, good wishes from the sunshine state.

TD Blooms

Jan 10 2014
Hi Hi Hello to you

To Sheila at thank you again, We had a great expereince purchaing from you there and just wanted to say hi again and thank you for a good transaction. We bought the 4832 mansion stainless steel bird cage and it is amazing, we are using it to wean our baby hyacinth, i know you said that this cage maynot be good for that bird but we are just using for weaning, our baby will go into our custom built cage in our sun room, BUT we love this cage so much, i think we are going to get another bird from you, not a hyacinth but maybe a blue gold this year. We can use this cage for that i hope. Please let me know when you have some babies. Thanks again and happy new year 14.
thanks again
Tobby M.
Miami Florida

November 12 2013

Hello getbirdstuiff,sheila

Just wanted to drop a line and tell you about the cage i got from you. You was soooo right. This cage is much different than what i had before, the other cage i had and had bought from someone on ebay was a mess. It never went together right and was rusted when we bought it. This cage I got from you is great, i put it together myself in a few minutes , well it did take me 45 mins.. But i enjoyed it. My bird loves the cage and he loves me . thanks again, by the way, we bought the b3624 cottage stainless steel model, greaaaat....

thanks again
Tonya R

AUG 2013


Hi Mike -

HOLY CRAP!! This enclosure (I hate saying "cage") is Fabulous !! I am totally blown away with the quality and beauty. My little Patticake took about 30 minutes to check it out before the
"woo hoo" started and the whistles!!

My favorite part...rubber on the edge of the seed guard. Priceless!!

Thank you again for easy ordering and extremely quick delivery. (And the discount!!)

Lisa 😇

Be Happy!😀

march 2013
My mother purchased a stainless steel parrot cage from yo guys last week, it was the 4228 villa cage. She called me over to help her put it together yesterday and we did it in 30 minutes, she told me how the lady there helped her over the phone with her purchase and she really appreciated that. She may be needing another one for her grey, not that big but one smaller, She will give you call then, i thank you so much.

Lisa T.
Brooklyn, NY


nove 20 2012

Hello Sheila

I just received our 3223 stainless dome, i love it and our grey seems to like it too. thnak you for the free samples of food.
I put the cage together all by my self. it was easy like you said.
I now want the stainless playtop 3223, we have a amazon that really likes playtops, the grey not so much, that is why we got the dome for her, anyway, i will call you saturday to order the playtop, again thank you for helping me and actually returning my call, as we have left messages with other online sellers cages and they have yet to call me, you seemed to want my business,

god bless
maria t.
miami, fl


To whom it concerns

I r4ceived our food and cage order yesterday, evrything looks good, have no problems.
I feel funny becuase this is the first letter i have sent that was not full of complaints to a online seller as we have always had problems before when we purchased from the internet, but this time is different, we are pleased to say the least, we love out stainless steel cage, we got the 42 Villa Stainless Steel Bird Cage. It took about 20 minutes maybe shorter. I love it, its so easy to clean, I just wipe it off. I did look at another sellers stainless steel cages, My friend bought one from them, I went over an took alook, well it was rusted when they unpacked it, they have never gotten hold of the seller since, they will not even return their calls. It was smalle rthan mine and cost maybe $100 cheaper, BOY it looks nothing like mine. Thiers is identical to the cheap powder coated HQ cage they have already, its just sopposed stainless steel, i have my doubts about that. well go to go now, thanks again sheila

Terri G.
Raleigh, NC

HI Sheila and Mike

Well we love our cages, we purchased 2-4832 stainless steel bird cages sometime in march.
We just had to tell you that we are pleased, as e have NEVER ever before been pleased with an online purchase from anyone. Well we are sold on you guys as you helped me and advised me the right way. MY macaws love their new bird cage. I would never purchase anything else but stainless steel now since i see how these cages are. they are easier to clean than my other painted cages was, the paint was alwys chipping and the cage was rusty. so thanks a bunch

thank you
Sherry Maldin
San Antonio, TX

Hello Sheila

Thanks again for such great service and advise.
I did receive our Stainless Steel Bird Cage OK, It was packed very well onto the pallet.
One thing you must know, You do know that Kings sells a smaller size stainless steel for almost $1000 more.I know this because I bought one last year. The kings cost more, but why??. I like this one better(the one i got from you), the Featherland Model 4832 MAnsion. This stainless steel cage was easier to put together than anything I have ever bought, it took me, me, maybe 20 minutes at the most, anyway, i thought i would drop you a note and tell Sheila that she was great,the stainless steel cage is great, your company is great, I need more stuff, so i will call you later. thanks again sooo much
MArtha Gladden
LA LA Land, CA


Hello Out there at Getbirdstuff

My name is Samuel Tibo
I bought a 4228 Stainless Steel Villa from you oh about 3 weeks ago. Well
What can I say, It looks good, and had 0000 problems. I think our cockatoo likes it, She was in a smaller cage and this cage is so much larger. I have always wanted a stainless steel bird cage.
But, could never think i caould ever afford it, well until I found you guys there. I must Say, Sheila was a great help and she also sent food samples, We all appreciate it. I will tell everyone about you.

We thank you
Sammy from Buffalo, NY


Hello Getbirdstuff

Thank you for the fast shipping, we received the stainless steel bird cage just a few days after it shipped. Our bird buster loves his new bird cage, we got the featherland 3624 stainless steel cage,
the one that folds. Its a dream cage, we just fold in up and roll it out on the deck and spray
it off and back in within 20 minutes. Thanks for the sample of food, buster loves it as well.
Will be ordering some soon.Just thought we would drop a line to you guys,

Jill S.
Sumter ,SC

To whom it may concern

got in the toys and foods today, evrything looks good, the ups was not so great at handling
boxes as you already know and evryone else in the world.Our macaw luvs the new big blocker
toy and the tropi mix, only food i ever seen that did not have much mess left over in the food bowls.
willl need some more.
Miami, FL


Hi Guys
I told you i was going to write you a letter and here it is.The Featherland 4832 MAnsion stainless
steel cage looks too good to put a bird in, it looks more like a piece of furniture. I love this bird cage,
SUZI and LUZI my umbrella cockatoos now have a great home. They are always exploring in this big cage.
Thanks again
Misty N.


Hi Sheila
Just got our cage and the tropi mix, you was right, our birds love this food, it has no shells to clean up.
After the cage was put together(about 20 minutes) we put the babies in their new home and they just loved it.
The cage looks good in our living room and already had the neighbors over talking about it..
We will need another cage at least the same size or maby 2 . Thank you sheila



Hi There people

Its been a pleasue to do business with you. I have had so many terrible times with purchases off the internet,(EBAY). Well you know the drill, you get what you pay for, well Like I told you I did purchase a bird cage that was suppose to be stainless steel, the thing was rusted when we got it, the people that i bought it from on ebay said well what do you expect, you got it cheap. I was stunned, the thing rusted overnight even more. Anyway i just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that we LOVE our new featherland Folding Stainless Steel 3624 cage, its a real bird home. I did get what i paid for, i luv it, our bird luvs it as well. So I just wanted you to know that everyone out there in internet land does not do business like you. You guys are the greatest and we now know where to do business and actually get what we expect. thats a million, we love you guys.

Thanks again
Milton G.
San Antonio, TX


Well i got our stainless steel bird cage last week and it still amazes me just how good this thing looks. I have 2 more "Bird Cages" here and I am ashamed of them now. I gots to have another Featherland Stainless Steel Cage soon. I think I need the 4832 Stainless Steel MAnsion, you know the big one for my macaw. I got the food sample. and I know that I need that, The tropi mix is a blessing, it has no seed hulls or husks, i have hardly any mess left over like when we used kaytee seeds, that was amess.
I will call Sheila next month to see when you can ship me the 4832 Stainless steel bird cage, thank you Sheila for all you done for me.

Thank you guys
Sherry O.
New York,NY


Hello Hello
This is Owen, I bought a stainless steel cage last month, it came in just fine, We were misssing one seed guard piece. I told you about it and you took care of it right away, that was cool. We appreciate it very much,even though we donot use them anyway, but it was great that you fixed it anyway. We thank you again and good day.

Owen L.
Miami, FL


Hi There getbirdstuff
This is misty gowen, I have purchased 3 stainless steel bird cages from you over the last 2 years, i must say, i am very pleased
with your service and the cages as well, Sheila was great, she helped me and made sure i got the right cages. I will be calling you this week, as i NEED another cage, and yes I need a stainless steel bird cage, I think I want the 4832 featherland mansion.
I must tell you this, I contacted another company that had featherland, it was few dollars cheaper than yours, well I did place the order and the cage came in, OH MY GOD, that cage was not the same cages as i gotten from you guys, It said featherland on the box, well it was pasted on the box, I could not believe it, it was so different. There must be 2 quality of the Featherland cages as the ones I got from you was different and musch much better. I guess i know now why theirs was cheaper. Cheaper as $45 dollars. I called them and complained, they have an attitude and I will NEVER do business anywhere else from now on, I am a loyal customer, at least I know that you will take care of me. Please forgive me for going somewhere else, it will NEVER happen again. Please call me, I need to order another cage...

thanks bunches
Misty, Miami, FL

March 2012
email from: Jo Jo
Hello There my friends at getbirdstuff
I received all the goodies you sent me, We ordered the 4832 stainless cage and it is amazing, thansk for the fre samples of food for our macaw,bubbie, she loves them, we must say that we have never been treated like real people when buying on the internet, alwaus being anumber not areal person, you people ,sheila she was so sweet to my wife on the phone, made her feel good and she appreciates that, we love you guys and your store, thanks again

Jo Jo
new york city, NY

May 2013
Hi Hi miss Sheila
We did get the cage in, and thank you for the phone call checking on us and the arrival, it arrived safe and secure, we got it together and we like it, We just got our gray used to it, he is shy of new things, but the toy you shipped helped.
again thanks bunches and we will call you soon for more stuff.
burd stuff...

thank you
Mario,. T.
LA , Ca

Sept 13
to who it concerns
I ordered the 3624 stainless cage by featherland, It is great, we did have one dish broken, but you sent it replacement right out and we have no problems now, we like it, we really like your place, the way you handle the order and called us to make sure all was ok was a bonus, not many do that any more.
we like it, thank you so much
Love and god bless.

Roy B.
Miami, Fl

Jan 20-14

Hello there Mike and Sheila

We bought a bird from you people about a year ago. we love him, he is tommy the yellow nape amazon, he is abig boy, we just ordered and received the cage we wanted, it is a very nice enclosure for him, he was not in agood cage for so long, no he is like a king in his 4832  featherland bird cage, we love it. sooo much room for him now.
again thank you for such agreat adition to our family(tommy) and the good deal on the cage, good to do busines with you  thee. we are happy

brian, B
Baton rouge, LA


Jan. 2011

Hi there

My name is tammy

I purchased a 4832 stainless steel cage from you amonth ago, it is  agreat buy and our birds like it too, i want to talk to sheila again about putting me on the waiting list for one of her hyacinth macaws. If it would help i would like to goahead and pay for it in full now and just let me know when  its around afew weeks old and send me some pictures, i will call sheila today if possible. thanks again
Tammy T.
Miami, Florida



Well it got here, the 4228 stainless cage, it was easy to put together and most of all i enjoyed our talk, you guys are good business people, i felt comfortable from the start.
I have not purchased too much on the internet due to soem bad experiences recently with another cage company, you know the ones i told you about, they were rude,terrible to do business with. BUT BUT i will purchase more from SHEILA there at, she was a very charming southern bell, very  very trustworthy, I got exactly what she said i would, she also sent me some samples and I DO want soem of that food, again i thank you, and i will be back
Samuel G.

MARCH 2-08

Hello There Guys
I am the lady that just purchased the featherland Stainless 48 cage, well I must say this is a pleasant surprize.
I love the cage and I love you guys as well for taking care of me. I have a disability with my speech and you guys treated me very nice and appreciate that very much. I think that sometimes people take advantage of me due to this.
Many times my normal online purchases from some have been a real pain. As i told you on the phone, 
I think I talked to Sheila,(real nice lady), that i purchased a so called stainless steel cage from e-bay, well 
that thing was rusted when i got it. I could never get them on the phone, they never called me back, thats E bay for you, 
a bunch of rip offs. Anyway, After I got may cage from you I tried to call them again and I did get to talk to them.
They were no so nice, I told them that the cage i got from them was arusted, they then explained to me that they did not sell me a real stainless steel cage, and that a real stainless steel cage would have costed me much more, but theirs was just as good. I told them that i just a REAL stainless Steel Cge from GETBIRDSTUFF.COM and they said well yes, i probaly did if i paid that much for it. I was so mad, they advertised a stainless steel cage and sold me a stainless cage, but noe they have adifferent story, I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING ELSE from any body but you guys now. You was truthful and treated me very nice and thats a real treat this day and time, 

thanks again
Missy M.  LA CALI.


Feb 26-08

Thanks to you guys I have a very beautiful stainless steel bird cage, I own 3 other cages, 1 stainless and the others painted. 
This cage, its the 4832 Stainless folding model. WOW, I have our hyacinth macaw rosie in it and its great, When I needed to move it to another room, I just took Rosie out and folded together and rolled it to our sun room and thats it, It took 15 minutes, I have never such a cage, where have you fellows been? I will need another cage in march when they come in. I need a 3624 folding cage. I did place the order with Sheila on the phone so I hope you will be shipping it ASAP when it ready. OH yea the other cages are KINGS cages, You do know that they get more than $800 more for the same size cage and they are not asd good, I own a kings and I know this, let NO one fool you, the kings cage is all name. Mine will be a feather LAnd CAge from now own, and I will get from You GETBIRDSTUFF.COm (SHEILA)

Than you very much


Feb 7 08

My name is Kent i spoke with Sheila on the phone about a featherland Bird Cage, I placed an order with her
for the 4228 painted powder coated model. WELL, I got the cage the other day, It took me about 20 minutes 
and I had my bird in there in no time. I loove the color, carolina emerald,  
I was amazed at how sweet Sheila was and how helpful as well, I deal in sales and I know how buyers can be, I also am very difficult but she was great she answered my questions and also suggested a new bird food for my cockatoo MAXIE, She sent me sample and MAXIE loves this stuff, the tropimix for large parrots, anyways just thought i would drop you a line and thank you, oh yeas i have never told anyone how pleased i was before, this is first time i actually was pleased with a online purchase. I thank you and maxie thanks you, we will order the tropimix later.

KENT and MAXIE from lakeland, FL


Feb 20-08