Tropi Mix Bird Food

TropiMix super premium bird food is 100% EDIBLE bird food

Tropimix Formulas are available for all species.

Contains 50% fruits and nuts, with Tropican granules
No husks or shells, eliminating all the mess and waste.


No Artificial colors, preservatives, No animal by products

Approved by HARI (Hagen Aviculture Research Institute)


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Totally edible bird Food for all small parrots, large birds and macaws,cockatoos
Price: $18.95
Tropi Mix Parrot food Totally edible Food for all small parrots, macaws,cockatoos
Price: $59.95
Hagen TropiMix Totally 100% edible Food for all medium and large parrots, macaws,cockatoos
Price: $24.95
Totally 100% edible Premium Bird Food for all MEDIUM AND LARGE parrots, macaws,cockatoos-NO Husks or Shells. Only the finest ingredients for your birds. Its an explosion of exotic jungle foods, packed in air barrier sealed bags for top freshness.
Price: $75.00
Totally Edible food for all small birds,canary,finch,keets
Price: $23.95
Totally Edible Food For Small Hookbills,cockatiels,lovebirds,small conures.out of stock
Price: $25.95