Foraging Bird Toys

Creative Foraging Bird Toys

All Birds need stimulation to stay active
Creative Bird Toys can help to keep your bird brains going
Helps prevent and stop feather pluckers and self mutilation

Two thirds of their day is spent foraging for food. 
The parrot in captivity has his food served to him in bowls and 
doesn’t need to spend time foraging, or does he? 

We wonder why our parrots pick their feathers or have behavioral problems? 

Perhaps they are bored?

If we take away the three of their four natural behaviors or limit them they can still groom or preen. 
This could lead to over preening or feather picking. Perhaps we need to evaluate our parrot’s quality 
of life in captivity and see what we can do to meet more of their natural behaviors; perhaps we can reduce 
their over- preening or feather picking. Creative Foraging Toys can help


Foraging treat toy will stimulate your bird's mind and help prevent boredom for greys,amazon parrots,macaws, cockatoos
Price: $19.95
On Sale: $16.95
This high impact polycarbonate foraging toy has 3 drawers that your bird can pull out to get the treats. For all Medium and large birds
Price: $10.95