RBC Metal Inverted L Shape Nest Box-medium

Metal Inverted L box for smaller conures,pionus,senegals, and like sized birds
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Medium INVERTED  L box.

upside down L
RBC Metal inverted "L" MEDIUM SIZE Nest Box is a box that looks like an upside down L or
the number 7. inverted L

All metal nest boxes are NOT created equal. 

BEWARE dangerous sheet metals used from china.

Our boxes made with ALL USA metals.

Many on the market are made from dangerously high content zinc, mainly the cheaper sheet metals used for heat duct works.
Our boxes are made for us only.
Our metal boxes are made with our own design teams that have over 30 years experience in breeding exotics professionally. 
We know how to design boxes for certain species and we know what works and what does not.
Our RBC boxes are manufactured by hand and incorporate every safety feature for nest boxes.
Our boxes are manufactured from 24 guage USA graded sheet metal that is an alloy called galvalum, which has the lowest possible heavy metals when compared to the other boxes on the market.
Professional Breeder Boxes. all usa steel

The L shaped box is actually an upside down L.

Shipped completely assembled.

The MEDIUM  L box is 8 inches square,16 inches from top to bottom 16 inches across 

entry hole 4 x 4 inches 
nesting chamber: 8 x 8
The access slide door is on back

The "L" is good when you do not want the birds jumping right on the eggs.
Birds needing more room and darker chamber benefit from the L.

ladder extends down to nest chamber.

Birds enter and then go right or left(as indicated) and then down into the nest chamber These boxes designed to hang outside the cage with hanging s hooks.
Or can be bolted to cage(recommended) Metal boxes are more sanitary easy to clean than old wooden chewed boxes that have to be replaced most of the time right when the birds start nesting, actually delaying or stopping nesting activity. 

Metal nest boxes are light weight compared to wood boxes of the same size and designs. 

These medium sized  inverted upside down L boxes are great for all smaller conures, small pionus, and birds of like size, breeders must make their own judgement on sizes needed.

indicate entry hole placement at top right page