Bird Food-Tropi Mix-Parrot Food


Bird and Parrot Food for all your pet birds.

TROPICAN Bird Food comes in many formulas for all birds. 
TROPICAN  bird food is available in formulas for every parrot or bird.
Feed your bird a healthy diet for years of good life.

Tropican Bird Food is one of the most advanced bird foods available.

No Artificial Preservatives, No Artificial Colors

TROPICAN continues to be the  leader in advanced avian nutrition.
Producing only the premium bird food that todays serious pet owner 
and breeders desire

Hagen and HARI donates large amounts of money to many parrot and bird conservation projects around the world
Your purchases helps with these projects.

We thank you for the purchase of our bird food and the parrots thank you

We are the largest Distributor for TROPICAN Specialty Bird and Parrot Food in the USA
We get large bird food shipments monthly, You are always getting the freshest bird food.

ALL bags are Factory sealed bags, We DO NOT open bags and reseal
You should never purchase food that has been taken out of the factory sealed bags
as the manufacture will not stand behind this food if it gets contaminated.

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Oven Fresh Bites™

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