TROPICAN Hi Pro Granules and Sticks

 Tropican Hi Pro Granules and Sticks

TROPICAN Bird food is the most advanced bird food available today 

Advanced Diets for all birds

The 22% protein levels help with stress,breeding and recuperating birds of any parrot species.
No artificial coloring,no artificial preservatives or animal by products.

All TROPICAN Food is approved by HARI (Hagen Aviculture Research Institute)




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Formulated High Performance Diets for All Breeder Parrots and Birds Needing Special Care
Tropican High Performance Granules/pellet for all breeder parrots and birds needing special care
Price: $59.95
Tropican high pro granules/pellet 3/4 inch long stick for all breeder and birds with special needs. Size for holding in foot. great Weaning food.
Price: $49.95
Tropican High Performance Granules for all breeder and all small hookbills needing special care
Price: $59.95