Tropican Parrot Handfeeding Formula,nestling and Lory Food 22 lb bulk

Handfeeding diet, Nestling Food and Lory Mash for all birds 22 lb bulk-you get 2 x 11 lb bags
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Unique Formulation With Optimum Nutrition for all birds and parrot babies.
Micro Ground Extruded Formula Improves Digestibility and Water Holding.

Each Batch Is Tested For Quality,Guaranteed Analysis. 

Easy To Prepare. 

No artificial ingredients or preservatives.Larger,Healthier and Stronger babies. 

Are you seeing hard lumps in your babies crop?
Tropican Handfeeding formulas have unique processing and eliminates this so called common problem that many see when using other brands.

FOR ALL SPECIES. 22% Proteins.

Also good as dry nestling food for breeders,All Parrots,Finches,canaries and softbills.

Excellent breeder booster
Whats good for baby has to be good for parents.

Also used for complete DRY Lory diet.

HAGEN has done long term research for feeding dry mash to lories.

Lories feeding wet,nectar diets have more fungal problems that when fed the dry type foods.

Lories Feed the TROPICAN Breeding Mash as a dry powder in a separate bowl. A second bowl may contain some diced fruits mixed with Prime and the Mash however make sure the birds first are eating the dry mash. Some sugar can be mixed up to 10 % with the Mash to get the lories to start eating it, but discontinue this once the birds are eating the Mash. On a liquid diet of simple sugars, lories are sensitive to bacterial gut infections thus feeding exclusively a dry powder such as the

is not only easier but also leads to better health

Researched and approved at HARI (Hagen Avicultural Research Institute) 

- 2 x 11 lb. bags
- In air barrier bag
- The most complete first food for baby birds - just add water
- Uniform texture offers greater digestibility and water retention
- High fat protein ratio promotes strong growth
- Also excellent for hand-feeding ailing adults
- Can be mixed with egg and offered as a nesting food to finches, canaries, and budgies

The finest nutrition for all handfeeding babies.

this carton contains 2 x 11 Lb air barrier Bags
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