Perch & Go-Travel Cage-small and med Birds

Parrot & Bird travel cage and carrier gives your bird a clear view of his surroundings
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Bird Travel Cage

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Paradise Perch and Go! Travel Cage

* Travel carrier allows for easy, stress-free trips
* Lightweight polycarbonate construction means it’s easy to move and carry
* Adjustable perch height with room to accommodate multiple perches for multiple birds



Stress-free travel carrier gives your bird a clear view of his surroundings. 

Durable, clear polycarbonate construction allows your bird to get a 360-degree view to help alleviate stress and also allows you a clear view of your feathered friend. Solid, well ventilated design is ideal for most parrots and smaller birds - simply adjust included 1" dia x 8" long perch or add multiple perches to transport multiple birds. 

Features sturdy carry handle, stainless steel metal mesh entry door and rear, and secure lock.
10-1/2" x 12-3/4" x 17" high.

Accommodates: Cockatiels, conures, small parrots, African Greys, eclectus, mini macaws,caiques,and most Amazon parrots.

  • NOT for Large Macaws or Cockatoos

    travel cage is for short term use, not for long term housing of birds.

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