RBC 3021 Chateau Bird Cage(Finest Quality)

RBC Chateau Bird Cage with high quality powder coated finish is for all large conures,amazon parrots,african greys,eclectus,small macaws,small cockatoos, and all medium birds
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RBC 3021 Chateau Bird Cages 

By Featherland Series

When you want the best and your bird deserves the best, these cages are for you. 


The only bird cages that have worldwide protected patents and features that NO other cages in USA could ever offer. 

NO other cages come even close to the Featherland series when it comes to uncompromised quality,ease of assembly. 

No Tools needed for assembly. 
Anyone can assemble this cage in minutes. 
No nuts or bolts. 

Assembles with patented unique key hole slot & guiding pin design with securety clips.
After assembled its the most secure bird environment available today. 

Has AUTO parrot proof door lock systems,Front door and feeder doors-just push closed and they lock automatically. Every thought was put into these bird homes for the enjoyment and lasting features you demand in a high quality bird home. 

This enclosure has been specifically designed to provide a safe and spacious habitat for numerous medium birds such as long tailed parakeets, including ringnecks, barabands, rock pebblers, etc, the mid-sized members of the lory family, including rainbow, chattering, etc, and many of the smaller, more active parrots, including caiques, senegals, quakers, pionus, jardines, even timneh greys and mini macaws such as Hahn’s, noble macaws and some small and medium amazons and all african greys. 

Dimensions: 5/8 inch bar spacing 
3mm steel IN FRAME WELDED bars,
NO punched tubes 
21" deep x 30" wide x 64" high (cage body 41" high) 
Comes Complete with 2 stoneware cups 
2 removable/locking cup holders 
1 natural wood perch 
1 free conditioning perch included 
4 swing out self locking feeding doors 

Standard Features: 
A knock down cage with no nuts or bolts û simple assembly. 
The arch top provides a maximum of interior space 
Easily removable seed guard keeps the mess in the cage. 
4 inch apron between the grill and tray insures that your bird will not escape when the grill is removed for cleaning. Long lasting powder coated metal tray (not plastic). 
Fully framed powder coated steel slide out grill. 
Self-locking parrot proof door locks on main doors and feeder doors. 
Self locking locks, just push doors closed and it snaps plunger lock into the main frame of the cage. 

Snap on bottom shelf. 
Easy glide locking casters. 
Adjustable, swivel loop toy hangers. 

Everything on this fantastic bird home has our highest quality non toxic high impact HARD powder coated finish.
Weight: 99 lbs 

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