Pavillion Bird Brooder and Hospital Unit-discontinued

Pavillion medical grade quality brooder for the professional bird breeder. Anti bac filters,multi function controllers.The absolute finest for your exspensive babies. If you demand the best, this machine is for you.
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In the bird breeding community one must set yourself apart by being a professional and demand the best. Of course there are many sub quality units out there, they look good, some work OK, but NONE! come close to these amazing machines.  One healthy baby will pay for it the first time.

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 Hello, GREAT....I have never seen a brooder system offer so many functions, WOW...WOW...
I see that you will be shipping this machine soon, I do want to go ahead and preorder now, i am a Veterinarian and also breeder of different species of exotics, but we have trouble with some of the brooders we have now, as you say , they look good but i question the workings time and again, as the temps are many times off, and we cannot control the humidity on our machines. I also know that one just cannot purchase quality machines for a few hundred dollars as these days things are costly, so what do we get for a few hundred dollars, not much i am sure. I took a couple friends out for dinner just last night the bill was over $100.. 
You get what you pay for...especially if you want medical grade quality.I know that not everyone needs this type quality but I always want the best, it pays for it self later..One healthy baby pays for this machine..
Here at the clinic we see many baby birds brought in that have been stunted and suffer from several factors during the incorrect temps in early brooding cycle by the breeders, these babies suffer from respiratory problems associated from being in brooders that did not clean the air, These machines you offer have the ion anion function which is great. When dealing with newly hatched babies one needs a better machine that is offered on the market.I just aquired a pair of hyacinth macaws and if they produce i would not feel good about using the machines we have now for the babies. We Hope to get yours soon. I know you said it would be several months before these machines are shipping. We will just have to wait..  thanks again
Dr. Herman T.   dvm     Houston, Texas

This medical quality brooder hospital is the highest standard of bird breeding.

When the ONLY the best can do and you need medical quality machine function. This is It...

What is one of the most important piece of equipment a professional breeeder always needs and depends on? A very dependable high quality brooder and hospital unit that has multi function controls.

The industry is full of the cheap and toy like machines that never maintains temps or humidity correctly. They may be Ok for some, But profesional breeders demand more these days than just the same old stuff.

The Bird Pavillion is the absolute in quality and dependable function for the professional in bird breeding and veterinarian hospital care of new borns and sick birds.

Large, Clear, up sliding front window-door. Temperature & humidity control with Water reservoir, Anion (anti bacterial) function
Digital temperature Setting Limit of 68 F to 100 F, Circuit breaker safety feature for over heat,Digital Humidity Setting Limit of 40% to 70%, infrared radiate and carbon heating element
Antibiotic air filter included for removing inner dust
Carbon Filter for deodorizing and anion apparatus. Switchable internal light. 

Easy cleaning design with slide out bottom drawer. 

Large, easy to use design, 26" Wide x 19" Deep x 17" Tall. 

120 Volt AC

Microprocessor controlled and upfront large LCD read outs and soft push panel allows you to precisely control the need temps ( F or C), humidty, activate ANION, inside lighting, etc. 

Truly a Medical Quality Device.

The Pavillion comes with complete micro air filtration and ANION control for complete air purification.

What are ANIONS? Anions are naturally created in nature as air molecules break apart due to sunlight, radiation, and moving air and water. That is why it feels and smells so good when you are in the forest,rain forest, next to water falls, rivers, oceans, etc. These things create anions. Birds naturally come from these pristine habitats.

What are benefits of ANIONS for birds? Generally speaking, Anions  naturally increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy. They also protect against germs in the air, resulting in decreased irritation due to inhaling various particles that make you sneeze, cough, or have a throat irritation. Therefore healthier lungs and air sacs for all birds and animals. What other brooding system offers this needed function? We all know that birds produce dust and dander as cells are being replaced as growth occurs rapidly even when neonates, therefore polluting the brooder air with these micro particles, with the Bird Pavilliuon, thats not a problem, the air is fresh,odor free and natually cleaned throughout the brooder.




 One year full manufacture warranty included
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