Lumichrome Full Spectrum Plus Flourescent Lamps(the best)

Lumichrome PLUS Bulbs-Highest CRI available-Premium Lamps
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Lumichrome« 1XX 6500 K C.R.I.98 

These lamps work in all 48 inch bi pin fixtures. 

Made with Lumiram’s unique phosphor blend, the Lumichrome« 1XX fluorescent lamp has the highest color rendering index in the world of 98 and is the closest reproduction to Natural Daylight. With a color temperature of 6500?K, Lumichrome« 1XX matches outdoor lighting in the morning hours and has a bright white appearance. Since it is also produced in the T 8 version, the product uniquely combines energy efficiency with brilliant natural colors. 

Lumichrome« 1XX should be specified whenever superior color rendition, combined with energy efficiency are needed. Recommended for the illumination of spas,health and fitness centers, offices, photo and dental labs, and, of course, wonderful for the home. Due to its higher output in the near UV range, (300 nanometers) this fluorescent is also quite beneficial in the pet industry, especially for the illumination of reptile cages and fish tanks. One of the best Full Spectrum Lamps for exotic birds. Helps with feather plucking,stress,calcium absorption,etc. 

Lumichrome« 1XX has also shown to promote positive effects on a general sense of wellness.