Lumichrome Full Spectrum Flourescent Lamps

48 inch Full Spectrum Lamps fits 48 inch bi-pin fixtures
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Lumichrome« 1XC 5000 K   C.R.I.96 

TRUE Full Spectrum Fluorescent Bulb With a color temperature of 5000 K and a color rendering index of 96, the light of the Lumichrome« 

1XC full spectrum fluorescent lamp can be compared to outdoor lighting at noon time, the time of day where blue and red parts of the spectrum would be, more or less, present in equal amounts.

Fits All Bi-Pin 48 inch Fixtures. Helps With Calcium Absorption. Helps Feather Pickers. 20,000 hours average bulb life. 

All Birds indoors Need Some Type Artificial Lighting. 48 inch Lamps.