Lumichrome Full Spectrum Flourescent Lamps 25 case

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Lumichrome Full Spectrum Lamps Spectrum Lamps 48 inch 


LUMICHROME has one of the Highest Color Rendering Index of 96. 

Only our Lumichrome PLUS lamps have more(98).

Thats as close to the real sun as you can safely get. Most all so called "vita" lamps usually have around 92 and they only last couple months.You could get that from most regular flourescent lamps anyway. Lumichrome is real full spectrum Fits All Bi-Pin 48 inch Fixtures. Helps With Calcium Absorption. Helps Feather Pickers. 20,000 hours average bulb life.All Birds indoors Need Some Type Artificial Lighting for good mental and physical health. 48 inch Lamps.

Unlike other so called VITA lamps on the market These lamps maintain almost 100% full spectrum entire life of lamp. If the lamp is burning you are still getting more uv than any other so called vita lamps, guaranteed.