Living World Spray Millet 5 lb. all natural( premium gold)

Sun Ripened Premium Golden Spray Millet in bulk 5 lb box
by  living world
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LIVINGWORLD Spray Millet 5 lb. box

This large 5 lb. bulk box is packed full of natural sun ripened human grade spray millet.
It is ideal for growing nestlings,young birds,breeding birds or molting birds.

Millet is good for all type birds such as canary, finch, parrots, cockatiels,lovebirds and keets.

Just hang a couple sprays in their cages and watch them go to town on this wonderful naturally sweet treat.

Great weaning food.

No preservatives on this millet.

Bulk size box is a good money saver.

This is the finest and freshest grown millet available. 

Whats the Difference??
Most Spray millet offered at low prices is actually imported animal feed grade products from china with no one ever really knowing what was sprayed on it.

Our millet is human consumption grade. You get what you pay for.