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Scratch SALE Stainless Steel Bird macaw cockatoo cage 48 x 32 for large macaws and cockatoos as well amazons and greys. High quality 304 medical grade stainless steel and shipping is included in the 48 cont states.SOLD OUT
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This is a scratch and dent sale item, This stainless steel cage has a few cosmetic

impefections on the surface and i do mean just few, nothing that has anything to do with the performance or even the looks as they are very faint and but are apparent to anyone that already knows where they are. ALL SALES ARE FINAL ON DENT SALES. I guarantee that this cage is exactly like and performs the same as one that does not have these few cosmetic imperfections scratches. We polished several scratches out and most likley these will polish out as well over time and use.We just thought that we would offer it to help our customers get a great item at a one time great price.

Exclusive from this site ONLY-LIMITED TIME

As Seen in Bird Talk and Bird Times Magazines

RBC Folding Stainless Steel Mansion Bird Cages By Featherland Series

The absolute finest REAL stainless steel bird cage available in the USA.

All medical 304 grade stainless like found in all US hospitals.

Never boasting of the cheapest made bird cage.
Who would want that?
but no doubt the finest built bird home you can have.

4 feet wide and almost 3 feet deep x over 6 feet tall with the SUPER Arch.
Front door 32H x 24W.

Just like our regular stainless steel 4832 Mansion but this has the NEW patented folding Technology.
Take it out of the box and unfold and its ready for use in just a few minutes.

Smooth welds and mirror polished makes this the easiest to clean cage available.

Super sturdy for all large macaws,cockatoos,amazons,greys,eclectus and more.

This ability to fold the cage is great when you need to move this cage.
One customer was excited due to she lives in a huricane hit area and thinks this
would be great incase of another emergency, fold it up and go.

These cages have worldwide protected patented technology and protected designs.
Most all cages today are just cheap knockoffs and cheap imitations
No one else can offer these features due to our protected patents..

From top to bottom its The Finest stainless steel Bird Cage available anywhere.

Some old and outdated manufactures try to over price their merchandise by stating
things like they have german stainless steel and things like that, well there is no such
thing as "german" stainless steel. Its either 304 US graded or not, once its US graded
304 medical, it cannot get any better than that.
Infact if it states that its "German Stainless"
it may not be US Graded and may be a lower quality.

Our cages have the most updated designs and all have US 304 medical grade high
nickel content stainless steel, high mirror polished for that smooth luster you look for
in a real quality product.

We believe that your cage should be user friendly for both the birds and their human
caregiver as well. The environmentally sensitive industrial design team has developed
and patented new technology that allows you to open the box and unfold out the cage
and its ready for use.

Obviously this makes routine cleaning and disinfecting an easy task.

There are no other bird cages that compare to the RBC Mansion FOLDING Stainless
Steel Bird Cage, manufactured by FeatherLand, USA company.
I guess you could compare these to the Kings Bird Cage models at @$2900 or even higher.

Why are these other cages sooo over priced and outdated designs? Profits...

This is one more fine bird home. The largest bird stainless cage of its kind available anywhere.
The ultimate in bird cages. This all highly micro mirror polished 304 medical grade stainless
steel large cage is any bird owners dream cage. Never rusts and virtually lasts and looks like
new for ever.

This cage is 4 feet wide and 32 inches deep and over 6 feet tall.
There is not another one like it anywhere to date.

This cage can be for almost any medium to large bird, from greys,amazons to large cockatoos
and macaws. The Mansion makes them all look good in any decor. You get what you pay for.

All Folding Stainless Steel 4832 Mansions Include:

3 stoneware cups
3 removable/locking cup holders
3 natural wood perches
4 swing out ez access self locking feeding doors.

Standard Features:
A cage that has new folding patented technology as featured in Bird Talk Magazine
The X-large arch/dome top provides a maximum of interior space and much needed
light for your birds as recommended by all avian vets.

Easily removable stainless steel seed guard keeps the mess in the cage.
Rubber safety edge on seed guard,no more bumped shins.
4 inch stainless steel apron between the grates and trays insures that your bird will not
escape when the grate is removed for cleaning.
Long lasting real stainless steel metal tray (not plastic).
Fully framed 2-slide out grates also stainless, birds cannot get to the mess pan to tear paper..

Self-locking parrot proof door locks on all doors, main door and all feeder doors,
Push the door closed and a stainless steel plunger automatically goes into the main
door frame of cage to secure the doors, you can unlock from the outside of cage only.

Easy glide high impact front locking casters that are safe for all floors.
2 casters have foot brakes to lock the front casters.

5 mm pure high nickel stainless steel welded inframe bars.
32" deep x 48" wide x 75" high over all, actual inside cage is 65 high"

All highest quality inframe solid smooth welding,
NO punched or drilled tubing like found on those cheap cages.

The Stainless Steel Mansion is for the real serious bird owner that wants the
absolute best bird home. The only thing not stainless steel is the wheels.
Due to size and weight This cage ships by trucking company,

Cage comes KD knocked down.Just unfold it and its ready for use in a few minutes.

***You will not be charged ANY freight. The price you see is what you pay.
ALL freight PAID by us.

If you purchase other items with this item we will eliminate all shipping charges
on the other items, you will get 100% free freight guaranteed. We will remove any shipping charges at time of processing and packing.

Shipping is FREE to all 48 us cont states.

weighs 184 lbs.



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