60 CC O-Ring Syringes for handfeeding-6 pack

60 CC O ring Syringe for handfeeding birds and animals.NON STERILE medical syringes.
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60 cc  O-RING SYRINGES  6 box-PACK
Oring handfeeding syringe for birds,parrots and other animals needing handfeeding.

Catheter Tip. Good for heavier formulas and larger feeding volumes

60 cc Silicone O-Ring Syringes -non sterile 6 COUNT  bulk box

O RINGS ARE DESIGNED FOR EASY APPLICATIONS AND ARE FAR MORE SUPERIOR THAN RUBBER PLUNGER TYPES WHICH GET STUCK AND SWELL DUE TO USE. we reccomend that right after you clean the syringes use a little amount of olive oil or PAM spray for the long use of the o ring, just dab a little on  the o ring and you can get many uses from one syringe.

Our syringes are US medical-grade plastic devices intended for one time use in medical applications. They can be cleaned and disinfected but plastic is porous and will eventually harbor germs and absorb disinfectant chemicals. Discard syringes after your clutch has weaned. After feeding, be sure to wash your syringes thoroughly in a good detergent. If a disinfectant soak is used after washing, soak for the minimum recommended time and then remove, rinse and air dry to preserve maximum syringe life. 

AFTER each wash and rinse use the olive oil or PAM on the o-ring for better slide, it works great.

Bleach may attack rubber parts and is not recommended.

These are the syringes most USA commercial and professional breeders of exotics use when they need bulk sysringes.

Royal Bird Company(30 year Aviculturist) : We use OXYFRESH Cleansing gele for all cleaning of all handfeeding utensils. Its totally non toxic around baby birds and it is endorsed by Dr Branson Ritchie DVM,  of University. Georgia, animal science dept. for eliminating many viral and bacterial problems such as avian polyoma, Chlamydia.
We just wash and soak for a few minutes and rinse off well and its done. We then touch a little olive oil on the o ring before pushing the plunger back into the sleeve, it works great and its very non toxic, and will not harm the o ring,, its olive oil.

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