Totally 100% edible Premium Bird Food for all MEDIUM AND LARGE parrots, macaws,cockatoos-NO Husks or Shells. Only the finest ingredients for your birds. Its an explosion of exotic jungle foods, packed in air barrier sealed bags for top freshness.
Price: $75.00
Tropi Mix Parrot food Totally edible Food for all small parrots, macaws,cockatoos
Price: $59.95
Hagen TropiMix Totally 100% edible Food for all medium and large parrots, macaws,cockatoos
Price: $24.95
Totally Edible food for all small birds,canary,finch,keets
Price: $28.95
Totally edible bird Food for all small parrots, large birds and macaws,cockatoos
Price: $18.95