Tropimix Bird Food for canary,finch,budgie 8lb.

Totally Edible food for all small birds,canary,finch,keets
by  living world
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Living World New Super Premium Tropi-Mix for canary,finch and budgies
is totally edible no husks or shells,no mess,no waste.
Tropi-Mix is an egg granule based formula,with blend of top quality grains,toasted wheat breadcrumbs,extruded mash,fruits and vegetables.
Wholesome blend of the finest hulled chopped legumes, grains, nuts.

This formula contains cooked legumes for easier digestibility and fortified with vitamins,minerals and amino acids to ensure optimum health.Fabulous egg food.
Formulated for finch,canary,budgies and all small birds. 

TROPI-MIX contains no artificial preservatives,colors or animal by products.
What is your bird eating now? Read the labels.
Most mixtures on the market today are full of artificial ingredients.
Your birds do not need that.
Hagens Avicultural Breeding Institute has researched these diets on 100’s of pairs of birds. Hagens Living World Tropi mix for canary,finch and budgies is the finest food on the market.
8 lb air barrier bag.Locked in freshness 

Tropimix Budgie, Canary & Finch Mix
Tropican egg granule-based formula with blend of top quality breadcrumbs, grains, extruded mash, fruits and vegetables. Fabulous egg food, most edible, designed for all finches, canaries and budgies.
CONTAINS: Fruits: papaya, pineapple, coconut Seeds: chopped oat groats, canary seed, hulled millet, niger seed, rape seed, flaxseed, hemp seed, sesame seed Vegetables: carrot Others: Tropican egg granules which contains egg protein, breeding mash which contains vitamins and minerals, breadcrumbs.
Protein: 15.0%, Fat: 9.0%, Fiber: 4.0%

8 lb air barrier bag