Hagen VME Bird Food

Hagen VME Bird Food

VME=  Vitamin   Mineral  Enriched

Hagen VME Diets are Vitamin Mineral Enriched 

Directly on The Edible Seed Meat Not On The Hulls  which cannot be eaten anyway.

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Safflower base seed diet for all birds and parrots, Contains no sunflower Good when you need to feed a diet that is lower in fat.
Price: 36.95
Vitamin Mineral Enriched Finch Food
Price: 4.5
VME FInch seed for all finch and small hookbills that require a high quality seed mix. Vitamin Mineral Enriched
Price: 29.95
Price: 4.5
Parakeet Seed vitamin and mineral enriched
Price: 7.5
Parakeet Seed Mix Vitamin and mineral enriched seed mix
Price: 22.0
Price: 3.25
Price: 5.5
Price: 31.0
Price: 4.0
Price: 6.95
Price: 19.95