X2224 RBC Premium Clover Arch Top Bird Cage

22 x 24 clover top, tops opens to make a playtop. For all medium birds,greys,amazons,small cockatoos,small macaws,eclectus,etc
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RBC X2224 Open Clover Play Top Bird Cages

Just like our RBC 2224 Playtop Bird Cages but has the new Clover Tops that can open or close and lock. 
FREE shipping in 48 cont. states. 
Same HIGH quality you would find in those cages that cost $400-500. 
But you can get them here cheaper. 
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This sturdy all steel bird cage is 22 inches deep x 24 inches wide and 61 tall with top closed. 
Also has 3 stainless steel cups inside cage,
all cups have swing out solid doors for easy access and less mess. 

These new cages now have a more secure cup,so birds cannot get the cups out from inside the cage. Cage has vertical and horizontal bars. 
Side cage bars are horizontal for easy climbing. 
All bar spacing is appr. 3/4 inch 

Easy front slide out mess catch all pans and grate(also powder coated).
Comes with free mess catcher guards(also powder coated). 
Easy roll casters. 
Easy assembly.

Each Clover Open Top cage; 
has top that actually opens with perch or can be locked closed. 
Each Cage has a smaller front door over the front larger door that swings down to form a bird sitting platform/porch.  

In addition to safe mechanical design features, an all important consideration in the manufacture of a totally safe cage is the finish.

Entire cage is NON-TOXIC Powder Coated Hard Finish. Factory finish is a hard powder coat baked at 450 degrees. This insures greater finish adherence of the total cage,eliminating the paint stripping problems associated with other cage finishes. 

Perfect for All Amazons,All Greys,Eclectus,Large Conures,Senegals,large keets(not budgies),mini macaws,small cockatoos such as goffin,etc.

The picture shows larger species on a  3624 clover top cage, the picture is for example only and does not reflect the use of large species on this 2422 clover top.
Not intended for larger birds such as macaws,cockatoos.

Your bird will love it. You will too(GUARANTEED) 
These cages are comparable to other brands that cost twice as much. 
Each cage has tapped bolt threads made right in to the metal so there are no nuts for the bird to remove. 

These cages are easy to clean. Just wipe with damp cloth.

**Not intended for large species, macaws,cockatoos.

Ships FREE UPS ground 48 us cont states

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