Stainless Steel Swing w/bells- large

Stainless Steel Arch Swing with 3 stainless steel parrot proof bells-LARGE
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Large Stainless Steel Bird Swing with 3 birdproof bells also stainless steel. (as shown) 

This great swing has 3 stainless steel bells and stainless steel frame with 1 1/4 inch diameter wooden perch that can be replaced. The high grade stainless steel makes it easy clean, never rusts,sanitary,chew proof. The swing height is 17 1/2 inches high and 12 inches across. The perfect swing for all medium size birds such as large amazons,greys,goffin cockatoos,large conures,etc. Comes complete with connect c links. 

This large swing has 3 stainless steel bells. Large swing as shown with 3 bells.