Premium Diet for Cockatiels/Lovebirds 2 lb.

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Living World by Hagen Premium Diet for cockatiels and lovebirds and all like sized birds.. This mix is a premium sm hookbill and cockatiel mix with bits of fruits,vegetables and nuts. contains: papaya, coconut,raisins,white millet,red millet,oat groats,canary seed,wheat milo,sunflower seed,safflower seed,chopped pea nut kernel,flaxseed,hemp,carrots,coked cracked green split peas,red lentils,tropican granules which contain 8 grains and nuts with vitamin and minerals. Everything your birds need and more. Vitamin & mineral enriched The finest cockatiel mix available.Give your birds a taste of the exotic pleasures that only Premium diet can give. FOR ALL SMALL HOOKBILLS. Sealed in freshness resealable bag

Premium Cockatiel Food
A gourmet formula with a blend of fine grains, oilseeds, legumes, fruits and vegetables and supplemented with Tropican granules. Ideal premium food for all cockatiels, lovebirds, rosellas and parrotlets. Traditional mixes like Premium Food require the use of Prime Supplement.

CONTAINS: Fruits: papaya, coconut, raisins Seeds: white millet, red millet, oat groats, canary seed, wheat, milo, sunflower seed, safflower seed, chopped peanut kernel, flaxseed, hemp seed Vegetables: carrot Legumes: cooked cracked green split peas, red split lentils Others: Tropican granules which contain 8 grains and nuts with vitamins and minerals
Protein: 12.6%, Fat: 10.6%, Fiber: 9.9% (Fiber is mainly in the shells and husks, not eaten by birds)

2 lb Air Barrier Bag