Featherland 4228 Villa Bird Cages(Finest Quality)

Featherland 42x28 Villa Bird Cages for all amazons,greys,eclectus,cockatoos,etc.Finest quality bird cages.
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discontinued, only available in stainless steel. see stainless steel cage category

Featherland Bird Cages 4228 Series

42 wide x 28 deep bird cage

The Finest Quality Bird Cages Available.

Manufactured by American Company.


The finest bird cages available in the USA. 
One of the only bird cages actually manufactured by american company 

These cages have the finest total non toxic certified Full Baked On Powder Coating Finish available in the USA. 
This total smooth safe finish is rock hard and totally non toxic.
The finish will out last any other cage line in the USA today. 

We believe that your cage should be user friendly for both the birds and their human caregiver as well. 
Our environmentally sensitive industrial design team has developed and patented new technology which
makes assembly a simple five minute task, without nuts and bolts and or requiring tools. 

Obviously this makes breakdown for routine cleaning and disinfecting an easy task. 
These cages have worldwide patented and protected technology and designs not found on any other cages in America today. A bird cage has to be a unique and usable product to aclaim patents, where most other bird cages in America have no patents, they are just cheap copies. 

Each panel has In frame solid welds, not drilled or punched tubing to rust out like those cheap cages. 
Specifically designed for large, active amazon parrots, including yellow napes, double yellow heads, 
cockatoos, sulfur crested, citrons, small umbrellas, and certain macaws, including severes, yellow collared, 
military and red fronted. 

Dimensions: 1" bar spacing 
4.5 mm steel welded bars 
28 " deep x 42" wide x 65" high(cage body inside 52 " tall). 

Includes: 2 stoneware cups 
2 removable/locking stainless steel cup holders 
1 all natural wood perch 
4 self locking feeding doors that have outside access 

Standard Features:
 Each cage comes with our free conditioning perch 
A knock down cage with no nuts or bolts or tools required simple assembly.
Birds have no nuts or bolts to remove. With the new key hole and guide pin assembly technology, 
out of the box and it takes about 30 minutes or less and your bird will be in the finest bird cage ever built. 

The arch top provides a maximum of interior space and light. 
Easily removable rounded edge mess and seed guard keeps the mess in the cage.
Fully powder coated.You can use the seed guard or remove it. 

4 inch steel apron between the grill and tray insures that your bird will not escape when the grill is removed for cleaning.
Long lasting powder coated metal tray (not plastic). 
Fully framed all hard powder coated slide out grates. 

Self-locking parrot proof door locks. Push it closed, it locks secure,When you push the doors closed a steel plunger automatically slides into the main frame to secure the lock, only you can release the lock and plunger from outside the cage. 

Easy glide with front locking casters. 
Adjustable, loop toy hangers.

This cage ships by trucking company Free Shipping 48 us states

Weight: 165 lbs in 2 boxes 


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