Acro Bird Playgym Playland PL24

Wood Playgym Best used by medium birds and parrots-caiques-greys-amazons,etc
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Acrobird Playland PL24  Playgym 24" x 24" base x 24"    Table Top Gym

Acrobird play gyms are safe, durable, the highest quality and reasonably priced recreation centers for small and medium parrots.

When kept as pets parrots need time outside of their cage to play, to exercise and to interact with their human companions.

With this in mind the skilled team of Acrobird craftsman have designed a system of entertainment and practical exercise structures for a variety of parrots. 

Original 24" PlayLand Gym....constructed of hard rock maple with ribbed plastic perches and ladder rungs these gyms are extremely durable and appropriate for Amazons,greys,Eclectus,large conures, quakers, ringnecks, senegals etc.

Two tiers of pure climbing fun.
Several ladders make up your first tier with a ladder to the top perch with cups. 

Made of high quality heavy duty solid hardwood.
Laminated base with almost indestructable PVC ladder rungs.
Not a sharp edge or splinter anywhere on this hand-crafted playgym. 

For all medium sized birds, amazons,electus,myers,caiques,senegal,ringneck,timneh all greys,quaker,large conure,etc.

Table Top Playgym

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