XLarge Polly Bamboozler parrrot toy(macaws,cockatoos,big chewers)

This super large toy is a massive giant 4 inch diameter bamboo with 7 stringers of large blocks for chewing, macaws,cockatoos,large amazons
by  Caitec
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Extra Large Polly Bamboozler

weighs 10 lbs

Its a giant bird toy for big chewers.

For wood chewers and toy destroyers

This super large toy is a massive 4 inch diameter 
and 16 inch long natural bamboo with 7 stringers 
with lots of large wooden block chew pieces. 
The stringers are chain, not rope, so it last much longer
Birds chew rope fast, chain last much longer.
The toy last longer but is NOT indestructible by any means.

However we never suggest that birds be given toys that are indestructible,
thats the whole point. they need things to chew and chew up, it keeps the minds working.

This massive toy is almost 3 feet long

Stainless steel bell in the center keeps the birds entertained 
for hours.

Its a massive toy at 10 lbs of pure chew fun for all big chewers. 

Macaws, Cockatoos, Large Amazons, all big chewers.

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