Tropican Food Sticks for Parrots 8 lb bag

Tropican Parrot Food Sticks for All Pet Birds
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take a look at our hi pro 8 lb sticks, its  a great alternative.

8 pound bags

Great for all parrots throughout the life cycle as well a good weaning food.
Totally edible extruded uniform food.
Formulated enriched with vitamins and minerals for the full life cycle of pets and non-breeding birds. This is a total diet.get them off the seed junk.
The 3/4 inch curl size stix are the perfect size for Amazons,Greys,Eclectus,Cockatoos,Macaws or any bird that likes to hold their food while they eat.
Wonderful weaning food.Natural fruit flavors:apple,orange,banana.
No artificial preservatives,colors or animal by products.

What are your birds eating now? Do you really know? 

Tropican Lifetime Parrot Stick
Scientifically formulated as completely balanced extruded sticks, containing eight grains and nuts for maximum palatability and biological value, top food for maintenance of all large psittacine birds, sticks can be held by parrots for easy consumption. To increase palatability, moisten Tropimix with warm water.
CONTAINS: Fruits: orange oil, banana oil (for flavor) Seeds: corn, wheat, rice, sunflower kernel, flaxseed, oat groats Vegetables: tomato Legumes: soybean, peanut kernel Others: spirulina, rosemary extract, vitamins and minerals.
Protein: 14.0%, Fat: 9.0%, Fiber: 4.0%

Tropican Lifetime Formula Sticks for Parrots is a scientifically formulated, completely balanced and flavorful maintenance diet for fledged Juvenile to adult Parrots. Since Tropican incorporates vitamins and minerals, a vitamin supplement is not needed.

Lifetime Formula, a Parrot food with lower protein and calcium is ideal for companion birds that are not molting or under any other stress such as cooler temperatures. Formulated for maximum palatability, the diet includes natural fruit flavors such as orange and banana, and a variety of 8 grains and nuts.

Natural colors such as those found in carrots and alfalfa add interest for the bird without making it artificial. A rich source of Omega fatty acids from flaxseed, peanuts and sunflower seeds makes feathers shine and help support a healthy body.

Tropican sticks are entirely edible, and can easily be held by your Parrot. Their hardness and density contribute to a healthier beak, which is essential to your bird's overall health. Recommended for Amazons, Mini Macaws, Cockatoos and African Greys, and for smaller psittacine species throughout all life stages and who are in breeding season.

Tropican Formulas are all made in Canada and undergo rigorous 3-stage testing. This process ensures that every bag of food is safe, dependable and top quality bird food for your treasured feathered companions.

Key Features :

  • Suitable for Parrots who are fledged juveniles up to adult, non-breeding, non-molting.
  • Multiple sources of protein generate impeccable feathers
  • High caloric density
  • Optimal levels of calcium
  • Contains no artificial preservatives, colors and flavors
  • Recommended forAmazons, Mini Macaws, Cockatoos and African Greys
  • Also suitable for smaller psittacine species throughout all life stages and who are in breeding season

8  lb. air barrier bag