Royal XL Palace Bird Cage STAINLESS STEEL 40X80

Our RBC stainless steel Palace bird cage is over 80 inches wide 40 inches deep, Great for all macaws,cockatoos,any bird needing eaxtra large cage.
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RBC Royal XL Palace Bird Cage 

highest grade 304 stainless steel medical grade, same type used in All USA  hospitals.

NOW with our new Front Door Locking System. Do you need a bird cage large enough to hang toys,ladders,etc. without overcrowding the cage,Do you need to house several birds, well this is it. Makes a great display cage as well. Many shops and zoos use this cage for displaying their birds. WOW!! This is a super X large and X heavy duty wrought iron bird cage. 

Our RBC Stainless Steel Palace is over 80 inches wide 40 inches deep.
Enough space for the most active birds, Its a Palace of a bird home.
Great Breeding Cage: has 2 breeder box doors one on each end and you can use the divider to make it 2 cages or use as one super large cage.

with the divider in place: each divided cage is 40 x 40

This Palace of a bird cage is extra heavy duty, with 2 large main doors right up front. 

80" w x 40" d x 60" h 

Overall height 72" 
Bar Spacing 1" 
Bar size 5 mm 
steel Slide out trays & grates-all hard powder coated 
4 mirror polished Stainless Steel Cups 
4 Swing outside access solid feeder doors(less mess) 
4 Solid Wood Perches 

note: we have macaw nest boxes that will fit breeder box doors. ask for details.

This cage is great for all large macaws, cockatoos,amazons,greys,eclectus,etc. For almost anything needing more room.,  EZ roll floor safe casters. 

For most all macaws and large birds needing more room.
Note: NO cage manufacture guarantees against hyacinth bar breakers, anyone having them knows what i am talking about, this cage has been sold many many times for hyacinth and we have never heard any thing negative. We also use them as well.

Breaks down for easy moving.
One of the largest cages of its kind. 
This cage ships trucking common carrier service.

toys not included