RBC X703 Sky Dome Bird Cage --discontinued

Medium wrought iron bird cage for all conures, cockatiels,amazons,greys,eclectus,etc
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RBC X703 Skydome Bird Cage

out of stock discontinued 

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This is a great wrought iron cage for all small and medium size birds. 

All non toxic hard safe powder coated for long lasting finish.
E-Z roll casters so you can roll it anywhere. 
Comes complete with free removable powder coated mess catchers. 

3 stainless steel food/water dishes that have their own swing out doors for easy access.
Powder coated bottom grate so birds cannot get down to tear up paper in tray. 
Grate pulls out from front for easy cleaning. 
Has powder coated pull out litter tray. 

This cage unit is 67 inches from floor to top. 
The actual cage is 26 inches wide x 20 inches deep x 36 inches tall. 
Plenty of room for toys. 

Bar spacing is 1/2 inch. 
Great cage, Great price all shipped to your front door.

All birds such as cockatiels,lovebirds,large keets,conures,senegals,quakers,ringnecks, myers,caiques,hahns macaws,red bellied,etc. and even amazons and greys.
Economy priced,quality built. 

This is the cage when you do not want to spend a fortune on a cage. 

All cages have vertical and horizontal bars. 

FREE SHIPPING to cont 48 states

Free ship items go UPS cheapest route. 


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