RBC 3021 Chateau Stainless Steel Bird Cages

Stainless Steel Folding Bird Cages 30 x 21 for Amazon parrot, african grey parrot,eclectus, large conures, senegal parrots, all medium size birds
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RBC Chateau 3021 Folding Stainless Steel Bird Cage by Featherland Series

Customer Email

Hi Sheila
I got the cages, WOW WOW..NO PROBLEMS AT ALL. thanks.
As i told you i purchased 2 other socalled Featherland cages from a online seller not going to mention the name but you know..Pet Co
WOW what a difference in quality and service. The other purchase was a disaster, they came by FEDEX Home Package Service, when you told me that that these cannot come that way and must come tractor trailer, i now see why..those others came in welds broke, rusted up,we could not get them assembled, when we called back they acted like they did not know who we was, they did send some parts but still have problems, The cages i got from you just looks like a different quality cage than the others we purchased online from the other place but we got them cheaper there, or it seemed at the time., i now know ,there are different qualities of these cages online.,i think those were knockoffs, you get what you pay for.. I love the idea that you people open each box and assemble the cage before shipping, the other cage came in drop shipped from manufacture, they did not open the boxes, they just shipped it..again it was a mess, the cheap price was what sold me on that, but i got junk...  thanks again.
Omar, miami,Fl

Authorized Distributors
You Get Real Featherland Cages
Not a Cheap Internet Knock Off
 the fakes being sold through many  internet mass sellers.

You get the REAL Deal HERE.

 Are We Different??

We have been in business for over 30 years, same location, same landline phone number,etc
We are a real business, brick and mortar business , we do not drop ship
We are Authorized distributors for the factory
You get GUARANTEED Authentic Original Featherland Cages, not cheap internet knockoffs
We ship directly to you from our warehouse,
We open each box before they are packed for shipping.
We assemble and inspect, unassemble,repack for transport.
We see what you will receive.
We do not have these cages drop shipped from somewhere else
like most all other internet resellers do

Our Exterior Feeding System gets the feed cups out of the cage, No more poop in the feed and water bowls.  Just raise the clear hood and change the food or water, close the hood and lock down, Thats it...  This is an optional purchase.


These cages have protected U.S. Patent Designs.
No other cages in America has these designs or patents.
Manufactured by; FeatherLand Cage Co, USA company. 
New technology-Folding System 

Just open the carton and unfold and attach the Arch top and you are ready for your bird, NO TOOLS-NUTS-NO BOLTS

These cages have features not found on any other cages in USA. 

Our cages are REAL Stainless Steel

Its the absolute ultimate in bird cages. 
NO Rust-Looks New Forever-No Chipped Paint.
The Bird Lovers Dream cages. 
These cages are made from REAL 304 stainless steel, not plated like those ElCheapo cages you see all over the internet. Our cages are Made from the highest grade surgical high nickel content stainless steel available. The 304 grade is exact same high grade of stainless steel used in all medical facilities in the USA today.

NO other cages come even close to the Featherland series when it comes to uncompromised quality and ease of assembly.
No Tools needed for assembly. 

Anyone can assemble this cage in minutes. 
These cages have the patented folding technology. 

No nuts or bolts. Assembles with Fold out technology. 
Just take it out of box and unfold and put on top and pans, its ready. 
After assembled its the most secure bird environment available today. 
Great for hurricane areas where you need to move quickly. 
Also great for cleaning as you just fold up and roll outside and clean and then back in and fold out again and you are ready to go.

Has parrot proof door lock systems.

 Every thought was put into these bird homes for the enjoyment and lasting features you demand in a high quality bird home. 

This enclosure has been specifically designed to provide a safe and spacious habitat for numerous medium birds such as long tailed parakeets, including ringnecks, barabands, rock pebblers, etc, the mid-sized members of the lory family, including rainbow, chattering, etc, and many of the smaller, more active parrots, including caiques, senegals, pionus, jardines, even timneh greys and mini macaws such as Hahn’s, noble macaws and some medium amazons and other african greys. 

Dimensions: 5/8 inch bar spacing 
3mm stainless steel bars 
21" deep x 30" wide x 64" high( cage body 41" high) 
door size: 14 x 27 tall

Comes Complete
with 3 stoneware cups 
3 removable/locking cup stainless holders
3 natural wood perches 
4 swing out self locking feeding doors 

Standard Features: 

A fold down cage with no nuts or bolts û simple assembly. 

The arch top provides a maximum of interior space and light.

Easily removable seed guard keeps the mess in the cage. 
4 inch stainless apron between the grill and tray insures that your bird will not escape when the grill is removed for cleaning.

Long lasting stainless steel metal tray (not plastic). 

Fully framed stainless steel slide out grate. 

Self-locking parrot proof door locks on front doors and feeder doors. 

Self locking locks, just push doors closed and it auto locks in place. 

Easy glide locking casters. Adjustable, swivel loop toy hangers. 

Every thing on this fantastic bird home is stainless steel. 
The absolute finest bird cage available in America. 
We Guarantee it..

ONLY ships within the 48 cont USA States

This cage ships by Trucking Company

Weight: 99 lbs FREE SHIPPING TO YOU. 48 cont US states

***You will not be charged ANY freight. The price you see is what you pay. ALL freight PAID by us. If you purchase other items with this item we will eliminate all shipping charges on the other items before any shipping, you will get 100% free freight guaranteed. If order other products, some other items may have shipping charges, However we will remove those charges manually when we process the order.

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This item is delivered strapped and shrinked wrapped on a pallet by tractor trailer truck company.
Delivery can only be at ground floor or curb, NO inside deliveries, Drivers will not deliver beyond the tailgate. We will inform you with a tracking number, someone (adult)must be present at time of delivery to take receipt at tailgate, and make inspection and sign for safe delivery.
Driver will hand off boxes to you, We do not pay for lift gates.
 Responsible ADULT required for inspection and sign.The trucking company will inform you of when they will deliver.
You can also make special arrangements with trucking company for deliver if needed. It is the customer responsibility to receive and transport inside.