Polly Wreath Stress Ring 10 inch diameter

Polly Wreath is one of the best stress rings we see, great for birds that are feather pickers and over excited,Birds can sit inside the ring and preen the strips of colorful non toxic cotton strips until their hearts desire, helps over preening
by  Caitec
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Large Snuggle Ring Wreath 10 inch diameter

    Vibrantly colored, soft, 100% cotton wreath
  • Provides an outlet for preening and a secure place for snuggling
    Satisfies the desire to chew
  • Aids in reducing boredom and stress and over preening feathers
  • May help curtail feather picking
  • Measures 10" diameter.  12" high with pear link.

    For all amazons, african greys,meyers,senegals,eclectus, mini macaws and small cockatoos.

    We have seen many greys that were feather pickers actually stop picking after several weeks of using the ring, They snuggle, preen, and pull at the cotton ring to bust the boredom and become stress free.
    They swing and play for hours. Birds love it.
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