Polly Wiffle Fun Bird Toy

This bird toy is 14 inches long, has plastic wiffle ball, ropes and wood chews. Great for most all .This toy is good for amazons,greys,large conures, senegal parrot, myers parrot,
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Polly Wiffle Fun Bird Toy

The wiffle fun bird toy is over 14 inches long

Wiffle ball center with wooden blocks, colorful chain links and bells that give your bird 
plenty of visual and sounds for stimulating entertainment for many hours.

This toy is for medium size birds and some larger size birds
all amazon parrots, african greys, eclectus parrots, senegals, myers parrot,
some small mini macaws and small cockatoos, all medium and large conures.

We recommend that bird toys be rotated for maximum
stimulation. Every few days remove a toy and add another different toy 
for maximum stimulation.After a couple rotations of toys then start all over, this
will help keep your birds brain and body stimulated. 

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