Large Arch Sandy Swing extra large arch 16 inch tall

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Arch Acrylic Sandy Swing is Perfect for amazons,greys.eclectus,small macaws,small cockatoos and like size birds. Our Popular sandy perch with a colorful acrylic arch. Your feathered friend will enjoy hours of fun on this fun swing while naturally keeping nails and beak conditioned and trimmed.You will never have to trim your birds nails again.

EASILY ATTACHES TO CAGE KEEPS NAILS TRIMMED NATURALLY AND SAFELY Has natural manzanita wooden core with safe colorful natural round grain sand bonded to it. 

These swings have the extra large arches 16 inch tall


Easy to clean.

NO DANGEROUS CONCRETE. Concrete contains numerous chemicals and toxic elements. Concrete can Burn your birds feet if wet because of the lime.

colors vary

Sandy Perches are Non-Toxic, and comfortable. Birds prefer to stand on the Sandy perches because it just feels good.
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