Featherland Stainless Steel Bird Cage 3624 Cottage

Stainless Steel Bird parrot Cage 36 x 24 with the new folding technology. For all parrots amazon parrots,african grey parrot,eclectus,all medium birds,etc
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RBC Cottage 3624 Stainless Steel Bird Cage for all medium birds, all african grey parrots, congo greys and timneh african grey, small cockatoos, goffin, less sulphur, etc. most all amazon parrots, eclectus, senegals, large conures, etc

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Hi Mike -

HOLY CRAP!!  This enclosure (I hate saying "cage") is Fabulous !!  I am totally blown away with the quality and beauty.  My little Patticake took about 30 minutes to check it out before the 
"woo hoo" started and the whistles!!

My favorite part...rubber on the edge of the seed guard. Priceless!!  
Thank you again for easy ordering and extremely quick delivery.

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We are authorized distribuors: We do not have these cages drop shipped from other sources like other UNauthorized online resellers, we ship directly from our own warehouse. we open each box , We assemble each cage,we inspect each cage, we check all components, we disassemble and repack for shipping to you,we know what you are receiving.anyone that has bought anything online knows what i am talking about. Also know this, there are different quality types within a manufacture line, we do not purchase seconds or factory imperfects or discounted sales from factories due to a problem to be able to sell discounted second rate product.
The internet is full of that.
We only sell the best.
We offer a better customer experience.

We have been in business for over 30 years, same location, same landline phone number,same owners, etc
We are a real business, brick and mortar business , we do not have products drop shipepd from other places.
We are Authorized distributors for the factory
You get GUARANTEED The Authentic Original Featherland Cages, not cheap internet knockoffs, mass merchandiser imitations, or ebay counterfeit models. We have the REAL THING Guaranteed.

Why we are different...
We ship directly to you from our warehouse,
We open each box before they are packed for shipping.
We assemble and inspect, make adjustments, unassemble,repack for transport.
We see what you will receive. No one else does this, takes too much time.
We do not have these cages drop shipped from somewhere else
like most every other internet resellers do. You get what you pay for here.
Buy from somewhere else?? Good Luck..You will be on your own.

36 X 24 STAINLESS STEEL BIRD CAGE that has Patented Folding technology, 
Just remove from box and pull open, put the top on, tray in,, and ready for use.

exterior feeders are optional purchase

Authentic Featherland Models
We are Authorized Distributors
You are getting a REAL Featherland Cage not cheap priced internet mass seller knock off.


Manufactured by The FeatherLand Cage Co., USA company.

One of our best sellers, voted customer best buy 7 YEARS in a row.

We cannot boast the cheapest bird cage made.
Who wants that? Why would you want that?
When you want a Fine Quality Bird Home and not just any old bird cage, this is it.

One of the only bird cages that are actually patent protected, that means its one of only few that has unique designs enough to be different and the designs are protected by law. Most all other cage manufactures just copy and imitate cheaply but no can ever duplicate our Featherland Series.

Could be Last Cage You Will Ever Need To Purchase

The finest 304 Medical grade REAL stainless steel bird cages available in the USA. 
Most of the stainless steel cages you see now days on the net are actually just plated over steel or chromed plated. These are solid stainless steel bars.

Our cages are the real thing, real stainless steel with high nickel content,Nickel is the stuff that makes it real stainless steel.

We believe that your cage should be user friendly for both the birds and their human caregiver as well. The environmentally sensitive industrial design team has developed and patented new FOLDING technology which makes assembly a simple five-ten  minute task, without nuts and bolts and or requiring tools. Obviously this makes breakdown for routine cleaning and disinfecting an easy task.

Just fold flat and wheel it outside for cleaning and back in and FOLD out , put the top on, and its ready for the bird again. No panels to remove. NO bolts to take out.

Made from the highest grade 304 surgical stainless steel(mirror polished. 
Same type USA 304 grade as used in every USA hospital.

Why Stainless Steel?
Stainless steel cages look new almost forever, no rust,no flakey or chipping paint, it may be the last cage you ever buy. Stainless steel cages look right in any decor.
The Ultra modern looks make it a great addition to any home.

The total benefits of stainless steel are the bird lovers dream cage.

Specifically designed for eclectus parrots, small cockatoos, including goffins, bare-eyed, rose-breasted, etc, ALL African Greys, and most Amazon parrots, including yellow crowns, blue fronts, double yellow heads, yellow napes,etc, hawk head parrots, and larger long tailed parrots including yellow collar macaws, hahns, noble,etc.


1" bar spacing
4mm REAL stainless steel bars
24” deep x 36” wide x 65” high--actual cage size-(usable inside height space 42”).
Door Size: 18 x 29 tall

3 LOCKING stoneware cups
3 removable/locking stainless steel cup holders
3 natural wood perches
4 self locking feeding doors that have outside access

Standard Features:

With the new FOLDING technology, remove out of the box,  Unfold, and it takes about 20 minutes or less and your bird will be in the finest bird home ever built.

The Super arch top provides a maximum of interior space and light and that is now considered very important to your birds health and well being.
Most avian vets recommend arch over playtops.
Easily removable rubber edged safety stainless steel seed guard keeps the mess in the cage.Universal use.Use it or take it off.

4 inch stainless steel apron between the grate and tray insures that your bird will not escape when the grate is removed for cleaning.

Long lasting real stainless steel slide out tray (not plastic).
Fully framed all stainless front slide out grill.
Self-locking parrot proof door locks on front door
Push it closed, it locks, feeder doors have same feature.
Only you can open it from the outside.

Easy glide with front locking casters.
Adjustable, top loop toy hangers.

Complete 304 medical grade stainless steel from top to bottom.

This cage ships tractor trailer delivery, NOT UPS or small carriers.

***You will not be charged ANY freight. 
The price you see is what you pay. 
ALL freight PAID by us. 

If you purchase other items with this item we will eliminate all shipping charges on the other items, you will get 100% free freight guaranteed. We will adjust the charges before shipping.

If the shopping cart adds any freight due to other added items that was not free ship, Any freight charged for other items will be deleted by us manually before the order gets processed, We will take care of it.

SHIPPING INFORMATION MUST READ: FREE SHIPPING is ground shipping with tailgate delivery. 
This item is delivered on a pallet by tractor trailer truck company.
Delivery can only be first floor or curb, NO inside deliveries, Drivers will not deliver beyond the tailgate. We will inform you with a tracking number, someone (adult)must be present at time of delivery to take receipt at tailgate, and make inspection and sign for safe delivery.
Driver will hand off boxes to you, we do not authorize or pay liftgates, If customer wants liftgates at delivery, they must sign and agree for cost with trucking company. Responsible able bodied ADULT required for inspection, sign and take receipt from truck. We suggest at least one adult to unload. The trucking company will inform you of when they will deliver.
With the tracking info we supply you,you can make special arrangements with trucking company for deliver if needed. It is the customer responsibility to receive and transport inside.


Weight: 114 lbs
Comes in 2 cartons

returns for other than damages will be charged freight both ways, we cannot free ship items just to let customers look at them.

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Dimensions: 1" bar spacing 
4mm REAL stainlees steel bars 
24 inches deep x 36 inches wide x 65 inches high(usable inside height space 42 inches). 
each bird may be different and require different size housing, we leave that up to the buyer, if you need help we are always able to help you with what size of cage you need, just contact us. 

2 LOCKING stoneware cups 
2 removable/locking stainless steel cup holders 
1 natural wood perch and our conditioning perch. 
4 self locking feeding doors that have outside access.