Egg Candler Bird/Reptile

Candle Eggs Without Touching Them, Fiber Optic Adjustable lamp.
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Egg Candler with fiber optic flex shaft.

This is a great tool for checking bird and reptile eggs for fertility and find hairline cracks in shells.
Use it to check eggs in incubators too.

This candler is portable and can be used anywhere.
Use it to monitor chick growth within the egg.
You can use it to check eggs in the nest box without ever touching the eggs.

The candler is 18 inches long not counting the 11 inch cover sleeve that can also be used as an extension to make the candler longer so you can get deep into the nest box.

The battery operated candler has a 9 inch flex shaft so you can bend it to the shape you need.Each candler is fitted with bulb thats reccesed in the end so it does not touch the eggs.

Having a good candler on hand can be a lifesaver. comes complete with instructions on how to use it. 

We are the owners of Royal Bird Company,one of the most successful exotic bird breeding farms on the east coast,USA and we could not make it without our candlers. How could you?

Great for reptiles eggs too.