Creative Parrot Forage System Large Starter Kit

Foraging treat toy will stimulate your bird's mind and help prevent boredom for greys,amazon parrots,macaws, cockatoos
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Creative Foraging Systems Starter Kit
for most all medium sized birds to larger birds.

Large Birds

Medium parrots and Amazons, greys,eclectus,cockatoos, macaws, and other birds in this range.

*     Foraging treat toy will stimulate your bird's mind and help prevent boredom
*     Polycarbonate plastic holder withstands aggressive chewers
*     Simply fill box with treats or food and hang on your bird's cage

Now it is easy to encourage your bird's natural instinct to forage for his food and treats.

Simply fill this chipboard box with your bird's favorite food or treats, slide box into the holder, and attach the holder to your bird's cage.

Your bird will "work" through the honeycomb-style box to retrieve his food and treats.
Replacement Boxes can be refilled for daily use.
High impact polycarbonate plastic Holder withstands years of use.
Enrich your bird's environment with multiple stations to forage from.
Rotate placement of stations for more challenges.

Attachment hardware included.

  • Install Holder Plate on cage
  • Build the box
  • Inset Honeycomb Wafer
  • Fill with any dry diet
  • Place box in Holder
  • Depress perforated slots to expose food

Tips to Put your Bird to Work
Try offering multiple feeding stations:

  • Encourages environmental exploration
  • Presents numerous reward opportunities


Offer a variety of configurations:

  • Builds self trust in ability to identify food sources
  • Reinforces basic foraging skills


Change feeder locations:

  • Continues to develop foraging skills
  • Promotes healthy, athletic exercise

Large 3-1/2" x 1-3/4" x 6-3/4" high
Includes: Large Vertical Holder and 10 Large Boxes