Brooder-medium size bird brooder(Free Power Supply)

Portable Bird Brooder Medium
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The Brooder Medium Size
The finest brooder system in the industry today. 
One year Full Manufacture Warranty included. 
All brooders come with FREE power supply Other companies make you buy it, we give it to you free. The original Cooler Brooder. Reptiles Mammals Birds.
Many brooders look the same, but believe me they are far from the same when it comes to the actual use.                                                                                   
THE BROODER is used by more zoos,conservation groups,breeders than ANY other brooder on the market today, just take a look below at the long list of customers.
Dean ’s Animal Supply,manufacture of the Brooder offers the most advanced technology available in portable and non-portable brooders on the market.

Our Brooders are second to none! We have computerized digital control in each unit. 

This provides proportional power output for the most accurate and reliable heating possible. Our Brooders are incredibly easy to use! The controller has indefinite memory retention û once the Brooder is set there is no need for reprogramming, no matter how many times the unit is unplugged. You only need to adjust the temperature when you deem necessary. A hi/lo temperature alarm is built right in for extra assurance. Each control panel has a large illuminated digital display right up front for EZ viewing, easy to read in low lighting.

The heater utilizes a quiet running, low vibration fan for optimum air circulation and heat distribution. All units include detachable filters and are equipped with an adjustable air valve for maximum airflow. with the air flow valve Humidity is almost always perfect, creates the closest thing to a natural nest.Also featured with each unit is a clear inner lid for easy viewing of your babies and total heat retention, when the top out lid is opened. These units are durable, well insulated, and built to last!
With the Brooder you get two units in one! One unit is all you need for inûhome or portable use. Provided Free with each Brooder is a power supply($45.00 value).This can be used in any standard 12v outlet to run the Brooder indefinitely. The Brooder is also totally portable û able to be plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter for those trips back and forth to your home, office or aviary.
These units are used by countless Zoos,Breeders,veterinarians,etc. --------------
As owners of Royal Bird Company,one of the most successful Breeding facilities in The USA, We contribute the successful rearing of our day one babies to these machines.We could not be without these amazing units. Once we set them we forget them. These brooders are the most accurate units on the market today. We use them for all our incubator hatches day one babies because these units are so reliable and accurate.We just program the temp on the front panel and it is set. No more worrying about the temp and safety of our babies as we did with other machines we have used. We found out quickly that the other so called brooders on the market are like toys and not dependable at all. We can actually sleep at night now without worry, Can You?
Technical Info:
Controller 8 Bit VLSI
Speed: 4 MHZ
2 K Bytes ROM 72 Bytes RAM
Display .56" 7-segment LED
Accuracy +/- .5 degree (1 degree total)
Heater 35 watt
Fan 12 CFM brushless DC fan
Power 12 v DC
Max draw 3 amps Min draw .5 amp
Medium Size: This is our most popular style with its bail-handle feature, which makes it easy to carry one-handed. A perfect match for those on the go that need more space than the mini. Attached exterior lid. Express Shipping Available. We ship worldwide. Usable space: 16 1/2L x 9W x 10D -------------
You are in good Company when you use these units.
Used Daily By: Baltimore Zoo-Busch Gardens-Central Florida Zoo-Cleveland Metropark Zoo-Denver Zoo-Detroit Zoo-Discovery Cove-Disneys Animal Kingdom-Fort Worth Zoo-Houston Zoo-Hutchinson Zoo-Lincoln Park Zoo-Maui Bird Conservation/Peregrine Fund-Memphis Zoo-Miami Metro Zoo-Omahas henry Doorly Zoo-Oregon Zoo/Condor Facility-National Aviary-North Carolina Zoo-Phoenix Zoo-Pitsburgh Zoo-Sacramento Zoo-San Diego Zoo-Sea Worlds (0rlando,San Diego,San Antonio)-Sedgwick County Zoo-St Louis Zoo-Tulsa Zoo and many more. Why do you think all these organizations continue to purchase and use these machines, think about it!
Available in medium and large sizes as shown. Medium size shown on top                                                      
certain colors are not orderable.
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